In the Headmans Hut

Chitter turns with a start,
Investigation / Perception (untrained, bad eyesight):
Dice Roll:
d10 Results: 3
caught unawares by the quiet entrance. They would side with a ronin against a magistrate? Perhaps it really is more important here to uphold the ideals of a samurai than to actually be a sworn samurai... He chitters quietly to himself as he watches Grandfather with new excitement. Maybe being taken here was the best thing that could have happened to him.

"What do you plan to do with him, if/when you get him? I ask only out of interest, as it is harder to leave this place then simply walking the path. If the Vale did have a purpose greater then you have completed yet... you will find it hard to leave until you have done as it wishs, or defeated it some how..."

The Scorpion's many eyes were fixed on the Grandfather and unflinching in their scrutiny. "I plan to return him to the lands of those he has wronged, robbed, and murdered, as well as destroyed the property of for judgement. I am merely ensuring that the law can be enforced and none other can be harmed by his seeming casual disregard for the effects his actions have on others."

"It shall be a rough path for you, I think then. It is hard to cross against the river with an unwilling companion..."

"Such hardly stops me from acting on the duties of my station. However, I must express concern for what might have happened to my companion. A Tsuruchi man. If he should arrive in the camp or village it would be appreciated if he was pointed upon my trail. I can only wait so long." she explained simply without drawing attentions to name or deed knowing that a bounty hunter would be rather unwelcome in a place such as this.

"The three most likely spots that he could be, should he have come here as well, is here, the Village above us, or... well my eldest grandson's camp. Those do seem the focal points of conversion these days."

"I shall keep it in mind as I move about my efforts to fulfill my duty, thank you." Rin replied calmly as she raised the cup of tea to her lips with careful grace and control. She would need to be on her way soon else the trail would grow too cold... unfortunately, her abilities at tracking were far more dependent upon a social environment.

"Of course. Well the Village is likely a good place for you to start. He will at least want supplies, and thats the closest place any one wanting more then a days travel can get them. They store most of our excess food."
The old man offered with a nod.

"I shall make my way there shortly then." the Magistrate replied simply and with no lacking of the determination that had been priorly displayed. Her prey had already been given a head start and she suspected he would rather survive off the land then risk her 'bumping' into him in search of supplies.

"And you Nezumi-san?"

The woman obvously had her path, so the old man turned his attention to the furry companion.


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