In the Headmans Hut

"I believe I will accompany Shosuro-san for now, if she will allow it. It seems as good a place to continue learning about the vale as any. Your hospitality has been much appreciated." Chitter looks questioningly at the samurai-ko, in case the Scorpion wishes to travel alone for any reason.

"Such is agreeable." Rin replied with a politely pleasant tone. In her own mind it meant she could ensure the ratling was not in someway involved with the Ronin. It also allowed her to ensure that his health, as far as she could tell, was in good order and there was not a threat of plague or disease to the village from him. Who knows...? He might have some practical use as well in my own hunt. she mused as an after thought as she rose to her feet in a single, sinuous motion and dipped into a bow to the elder before turning for the door with softly spoken thanks for the meal.

Chitter likewise rises and bows to Iwama and his daughter before collecting his bag and following the magistrate outside.

The Magistrate walked in silence for a time, a silence that surprisingly extended to the normal clicks of her armored boots. With meticulous care she ensured that her armor was properly secured and that her weapons were all in order before finally turning towards the village had been indicated. "If I might ask what how acquainted are you with such pursuits as tracking or unarmed combat?" she asked after a time. Her voice was smooth and gentle seeming despite the hard edges she had so regularly adopted on mentions of duty and loyalty.

"I am competent in unarmed combat, although I am never entirely unarmed," Chitter replies with a broad smile, uncovering more of his incisors than normal. "My tracking skills are no longer what they once were, but I am not entirely unskilled. You believe such skills will be necessary to apprehend Sarutobi-san?"

He makes little effort to silence his heavier armor, and instead appears to be working off nervous energy, hopping on stones they pass and tossing shiny pebbles into the air over and over again. Despite this, he does take the time to look around and try to learn where things were. It sounded like they may be stuck here for a while.

"They are helpful to finding and detaining him in a condition suitable to travel. If necessary, however, I have been trained to cripple my prey if need be." Rin replied with a calm note that was almost chilling. It was a harsh lesson in what it meant to defy the law and one that would not pass out of memory with time. It was... uniquely scorpion in that logic despite the laws of the empire having been penned by Soshi himself.


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