People of Oowarai Kawazoi

People of Oowarai Kawazoi

This camp is almost cozy in nature. Large and small buildings scatter an area where the forest is a bit less dense then the area around it. Trees in some areas go right up the middle of some of the larger buildings. Small creeks and streams criss cross through out and eventualy conect into the river that splits a third of the camp from the rest. The largest of the homes serves as a comunity center and the home of the one all within the camp call Grandfather, one Kawauso Iwama.

There seems to be no stores or shops with in the camp. Simply residences and some storage sheds. The smaller homes are inhabited by one or more families of pesents who work nearby. Everyone else in the camp has taken the family name Kawauso.

Kawauso Iwama - Grandfather.

Kawauso Iwama, a man respected by most in the valley is old. Old enough that his childern are quite elderly. He has spoken of talking directly with the spirits of the valley, so it is quite likely that he is a shugenga of some sort. Calm and even, he seems hard to upset or frustrate. He is very welcoming of newcomers to the valley, even if he does not always have all the answers they seek.

Kawauso Nurokai - Hunter

A young man, has one of the largest homes for a single persons residence. He has yet to find a wife, partly because he prefes the solitude of the forest to large groups of people. This all contributes to his home often being used as a guest house for travelers.

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