People of Koutei Issui mura

People of Koutei Issui mura

Homes heres have more then one floor. Like Grandfathers camp, there are no real stores here, however there are more developed work areas. The forge is perhaps the most obvous, along with some grain silos. To either side of the village are rivers comming down from the mountians, and on one sits a water wheel. Looking up river it looks like there might be more of the same.

Kawauso Modan

The progressive leader of the burgeoning village within the valley. First met while he was fishing, the man is not quite even to middle age, but holds the respect of the people that see him as their leader. This same respect is more divided by the people of Oowarai Kawazoi Mura, and more sparse still in his own grandfathers camp. He and his grandfather do not share the same vision of what the future should be.

Harudo the Inn Keep

Running a tavern this Ji-samurai Ronin is pleased to serve Modan, even if it is just in running an inn/tavern of a house hold. It started out much smaller then it is, and more of a house. But Harudo would often welcome travelers and other guests to stay with im, serving food and drink to many of the locals even. It wasnt long untill it ended up becoming a welcomeing tavern and Inn to the comunity. Harudo welcomes the company as he likes to talk once he gets to know a person.

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