Geekmasterflash Read Me!

Geekmasterflash Read Me!

Well, likely we are both about to make new characters in that other game


I don't know, I am sort of disheartened with the L5R mechanics... more so with someone bleating at me for making a choice my character would have. I didn't expect to do much, but I did expect to play my character and to at least have SOME effect on the game. I am sure I will change my mind, but right now I am thinking I am not going to make another character.

Eh F' them

OBvously I am not to worried about Good choices vs character choices. I followed you

And i know thefeeling, I made a bushi who wasnt even blind and i failed martialy. That said... Blind has ALWAYS been one of the worst point cost disad's stay away. Play poor sight and pretend to be blind, anything but actual blind. I think the designers have Zatochi haterness.

But I would hate to see you go from it you have been a damn good person to RP off of, and fun to interact w/ hell I didnt even get to explore 1/2 more character >_> hehe but still.. it was fun even if it could been fun-er.

The your not dead, but ... situation of our characters is frustrating. If i was the bad guys I would take the round to end the foes at my feet, but apparently the assassin and priest have perhaps better things to do? Would really like to know if I need to (and will be permitted to) make new character heh.

We are dead and I am leaving the game. Even if Akhensel dies his character did something cool and had the ability to effect the story in a profound way.

Ours didn't, and frankly I am pissed off now.

Dont be pissed, it makes me sad! and dont go from the game I would miss ya

It really is a dice game. Some times the Kami (luck) shits on you. I actualy made a character get addicted to opium because of it. She often refered to the Kami pissing on her from the heavens.

Originally Posted by geekmasterflash View Post
We are dead and I am leaving the game. Even if Akhensel dies his character did something cool and had the ability to effect the story in a profound way.

Ours didn't, and frankly I am pissed off now.
That said, I really wish he had perhaps been more obvous that this was a cut scene, dont really get involved.

I am not pissed I lost. Bad things happen in games, it is why we play. The thrill of success with the dangers of failure. However, the GM just demonstrated quite clearly our characters are MINOR PLOT. We ran into battle trying to make a difference, and die to mooks. Akhensel gets to fight the biggest bad in the game.

I was looking for my character to die, that seems to be the thing people aren't getting. I am not pissed I am dead or that I lost.. I am pissed that through the entire game I was a footnote. I had 3 private scenes, 1 with you, 1 with a cat, and 1 with Amora. THAT'S IT. Do you know why I was being such a magnet for controversy? Because I wanted drama that included me as well. The story teller gave that to a bunch of people, but all of mine I had to go out of my way to get. Caern, Mago, Matsu, Shiny, Amora, Akhenshel... all had awesome scenes which furthered the main plotline of the story.

THIS is why I say I am frustrated. The dice, were not on my side. Neither was the story teller.

I know the feeling, really i do. I hade a major plot hook built in, and 14 disadvantage points to feed it, and I had to force SI's hand to even touch it... Ignored mostly in the two carrear fairs we were in... I like the concept, i like the game, i didnt like how it played...

I don't know how to bring any of this up without sounding like I am cry babying because my character died. THAT WAS THE ENTIRE POINT OF WHAT I DID.

I am frustrated, we put ourselves out there into a dangerous situation. Instead of reward us with a meaningful encounter, he gives that to the person who didn't and kills us off without fanfare. So the fight not only reminded me of how ineffective my character was which was frustrating in of itself, it also reminded me of how utterly unimportant he was to game to begin with.


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