The Goddess Megumi (Megumi Megami)

The Goddess Megumi (Megumi Megami)

Name: Hayabara, Megumi
Nickname: Megami
Age: 16
Birthdate: 09/30/19XX ((depends on the year in-game))
Weight: 90lbs
Height: 5'0"
Hair: White/Silver
Eyes: Yellow
Notable Markings: Pale skin tone and lack of hair pigmentation suggests albino traits.

Personality: Megumi is very quiet and studious at almost all times. She seems to have difficulty interacting with others and while her expressions veil her emotions greatly, the school psychologist believes her to display loneliness, insecurity and the early signs of childhood depression. She boasts a wide array of creative talent in class, but rarely does she share these talents in the form of gifts or displays of her prowess. When asked about friends, she will always deflect the question or cease to answer if able, closing off completely until permitted to leave.

It is greatly advised that she be assigned to some form extracurricular group activity or placed within a circle of other students, lest her social development be irreparably stunted. ((Note the psych-note as to why she'd be with the other PC's with her detached personality =D))

Digital Backstory: Born in Tokyo, Japan to Hayabara/Kenjii and Hayabara/Sakura, Megami is an only child. Scoring in the top 1% of her class every year since early childhood, she was an immediate candidate for any advanced education facility in the world. The wisdom of her parents had her sent to ((School name here)), though their careers denied them the ability to stay on the island as well.

Megumi is housed in the girls high school dormitory, her room and board paid in advance as well as a fair stipend for necessities such as food and school supplies.

Due to her condition (re: albinism), outdoor activities are to be limited unless she is provided appropriate shelter and afforded skin and eye protection. Her vitals are self-monitored and digitally sent to her family physician as per the family's request. These medical files may be obtained, provided permission is first provided by a member of the Hayabara family. Expected side-effects of her medications will include moderate lethargy during the day and difficulties with extreme temperatures. Alternate treatment suggestions are to be directed to Shameimaru/Suzuwa (M.D.) to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

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