Room 0

Room Zero is the front door. The front door is an OOC thread to contact the Head GM.

Please post here instead of sending a PM to the Head GM whenever possible.

Always post in private tags in here. Note all DMs can see what you say in here. If the Head GM decides it is pertinent, it can be brought to PM.

Suggestions do not belong in this thread, they go in the SUGGESTION BOX

General Questions and requests for assistance belong in either a new thread or the Quick Question & Answers thread in this folder.

Reasons to post here:
  • Your character was archived and you'd like it unarchived.
  • You are a player that desires to apply to be a DM and meets all of the requirements listed for DMs in the wiki.
  • You have a Player-DM dispute that you cannot resolve.
    -Please report player-player disputes that are unable to be resolved to the DM in charge.
  • You are reporting a Crossroads Inn rules violation found in the pub
    -Please use the report button for any posts in violation of site-wide rules.
    -Please (politely and privately) report in-game rules violations to the DM in charge of the game.
  • You were instructed to post here for some other reason.