Character applications

Character applications

Submit your Application here to be perused at my leisure.

Application format

Realm description ; (Geography, climate, plants and general animals, go for generality, not too many specifics)

Character creation rules;

Level 6.
Leadership as a bonus feat.
1 trait and 1 flaw are allowed if wanted.
Half WBL 6 in GP (possibly Full WBL being considered).
Feat progression has to be legal via normal game rules.
players are limited to Tier 3 classes. Gavin has the list.
Homebrew and dragon magazine has to be cleared by me.
Realm description is necessary for anyone aspiring to be a lord.
No single possessed item can pass 1/2 your total gold in cost.
Mundane items from the PHB can be considered free up to a reasonable amount.

Name: Decius Tepes
Class: Warlock
Description: He has the flowing cloak and robes, but you would be hard pressed to call Decius a lord. Where one would expect a stern countenance, one is instead met by a look of abject boredom. Instead of a sword, Decius carries a book. In place of a keep, a tower is maintained. Rather than administrators, he maintains a library. One would be hard pressed to recognize Decius as the lord of this province, but lord he is.
Backstory: A minor court mage and librarian, Decius was never a man of great importance. Though he may or may not have known what to do, he was never in a position to act, and was never able to advise those who were. And so he watched as his those in charge made the same mistakes time and time again. It was only recently, as the lords began to be pressured by the king that he decided to act.
Taking the few books that he had, and going with few of the other librarians, he took his leave of the court, and the few who noticed did not act to stop him. It was only a week later that the court received word that he had occupied an abandoned wizard's tower in the east of the kingdom, and sent word requesting permission to take up the duties of governing the people there in the king's name. A letter returned granting this request, for the lord who had previously held the area had been reported dead but a week past.
Personality: More of a scholar than a ruler, Decius is nonetheless a competent individual. Unlike many, he is willing to say it when he does not know, and will readily ask for advice, having decided long ago that he does not care overmuch about his image. The biggest thing that has set him apart from the previous lord, in the eyes of the peasants at least, is that he is willing to come down from his seat to talk with them, and tries to help them. That's not to say that he will personally go out to face the wolves besetting the flocks, but he will at least ask some guards to watch the area rather than simply allowing the predation to continue.

I'm fairly bored at the moment, so I think I'll try to make an ASCII map of my tower...(my apologies if this is horrible)

More to come later...

My character is going to be a Throwing style 'Retooled Ranger'. His tower isn't going to be an actual tower, it's going to be a Hill Fort (with a Mead hall / Hunting hall!) overlooking a farming and herding village, the largest of the villages under his control. What level are we starting at?

I'd rather have a bit of information about the setting first, just to be sure to not put up a background that openly contradicts it.

Or, if you'd rather, I could put up a background anyways and hope it doesn't openly contradict anything.

If your background has anything wildly deviant I will probably simply retroactively make it true.

Hell the reason the various terrain is so wildly different and technically environmentally impossible is the same reason as always "A wizard did it".

Take your own decisions seriously, not the decisions of simple things like phyisics and logic.

The map should be up tonight (2-4 hours from now) the economy basics should be up then too, first accepted players will then get to pick their realm.

The moment I figure out scale and distance we should be almost ready to go.

Work in progress Application
Name: Eurig Glyndwr
Rank: Barwn (Baron)
Class: Ranger (rebalanced version), Throwing Style
Age: 27
Description: Always dressed in drab, dull colors of the lands in which he finds himself, this prematurely balding young man has a fierce, intimidating stare. When he walks, barely a noise is made
Personality: Calm, cool under military pressure, but definitely takes offense easily, has a strong sense of pride, and keeps grudges.
Backstory: An avid Hunter, his Great-Grandfather came into power after rising up slaying the local lord on the field of battle. Ever since, his family has been considered proper Nobility, of course after bullying a scribe into forging articles of nobility to date back several hundred years. This was of course completely normal behavior for the area, and the common people never greatly worried about who the local lord was or wasn't. Of course, in order to maintain their lands, the family tradition of personal military strength was kept, and Eurig kept a

Realm Description:
The lands of Cymru

This area contains one port, they are quite hilly, with few quality roads. They breed a hearty type of light horse made specifically for riding in these rocky, hilly, forested lands. The culture has a strong sense of animal husbandry, but the farms are rocky and do not output much in the realm of plant based foodstuffs. His fort is a hill fort overlooking the largest of his three cities, (not counting the various towns and hamlets), and it has a mead hall. There is a strong tradition of hunting, of horseback riding, and a variety of traditions of numerous ranged weapons of all sorts, including amongst the peasantry, which has a militia tradition as well (People have access to regional feats which describe these characteristics, like Militia, Forester, Horse Nomad, Saddleback, Surefooted, Treetopper, etc.).

Traditionally, people in these areas use a form of Guerrilla warfare, with lots of hit and run and surprise raids, and lots of skirmishing and ambushing tactics, and lots of living off of the land or taking what food they need from the peasantry of wherever they are.

Further, the villages are all mixed halfling/human (Strongheart halfling), and due to the strong focus in animal husbandry, they use a number of fighting animals in their ways of making war, including some relatively exotic animals.

Part of the reason of this is that there is a wide, wide, wide variety of animals and Magical Beasts which live in these lands, from the normal boars, horses, ponies, wolves, deer, and bears, to exotic animals like various dire varieties of animals (elk, hawk, wolves, etc.), and some dinosaurs deep in the forest (those that are in temperate forests and hills), to more exotic magical beasts of various sorts. As far as demihumans, the forests have a Centaur tribe or two, which mostly keeps to themselves, and doesn't like people in the lands they claim. The odd intelligent Pseudodragon sometimes choose to adopt a 'worthy' human or halfling, and this is seen as a boon, as their poison is used medicinally, which is generally a financial windfall for the family they adopt... but they tend to demand quite a bit of pampering to do this, the little hedonists. Fey aren't unknown, mostly satyrs or pixies. There is a single marsh, with good Peat reserves, which is unfortunately known to have Poison Dusk Lizardfolk in it, and the odd Hydra. As far as vermin go, Monstrous Spiders and Stag Beetles dominate, again in the forests. Giants, Ogres, Trolls and the like seem to be completely unknown in this area, as do Undead, Aberrations, Outsiders, Constructs, or Oozes, and even Dragons and draconic creatures are extremely rare. The odd Plant creature exists, but there is little to no rhyme or reason for the type.

-furs, leather, hide, chitin, wool, and goods based on these (also exported, and sometimes currency)
-pottery and porcelain and glass (the higher quality stuff is also exported)
-wood & lacquer (also exported)
-Extremely high quality bows (lots of access to exotic woods of various sorts)
*There are difficulties with the production of the Dyes, Chitin, and Lacquer, which often comes from Vermin, which the Centaur tribe doesn't like people in the forests where these Vermin are. Also, the fact that they are Giant Vermin in the first place...
-medicinal spices and herbs, chemicals and poisons, and perfumes, and peat (there is no taboo against venom or poison trade, it's seen as simply another bounty from animals or the land) (often currency, also exported, but these are very small quantities)
*much of this is from the town near the marsh, which has difficulties with marsh creatures (hydras...) and the lizardfolk
-milk, butter, cheese (the durable of this is often exported)
-Alcohol (often currency, the hard stuff is also exported)
-There is an iron mine that produces extremely high quality steel (use stats of Baatorian Green Steel, fiendish codex 2), which has perpetual problems with safety and other mining difficulties (this accounts for the high cost of the material, if these can be solved, cost should go down). There is no danger or difficulty associated with the normal iron that the mine also has, which is closer to the surface. This is near the same town with mineral mine for the porcelain
-Lead & Tin

-Plant based food crops
-Copper, Bronze, Silver, etc
-Building Stone


Vital statistics
Name: Alteise (aka Alteise Libaza Scala, aka Midnight Flower)
Class: Warblade

Description: A bit below average in height, Alteise is a fine lady with a healthy physique that doubtlessly features soft curves, partly brought from a lifestyle that has become a bit more sedentary and with a considerably greater access to food with high contents of fat. Still, beneath the soft layers of fat and meat, she possesses trained and ready muscles that are still conditioned to work quite well and effectively, despite them not being obvious.
Her visage, instead, has remained quite sharp, with small lips and nose, making her amber eyes appear larger than they are, though still helping convey the sharp look and feel, especially in the slant and the natural curve of her eyebrows, that make her appear consistently frowning, as if distraught or pissed about something.
Her hair is as disciplined as her usual outer behaviour: long, straight and easily combed into a not elaborate but still rather ladylike cut. However, the large and loose ponytail does not manage to keep all of the hair trapped in it, and while she has no sign of stray curls or antenna hair, the very fact that the highlights to her black mane are a soft shade of purple makes it clear there is a more rebellious attitude hidden beneath the surface of her disciplined looks.
Personality: It's hard to tell whether it's her serious and extremely disciplined outlook that makes it hard to approach her, or if she's not easy to deal with in spite of her attempts at being orderly and, in a way, reassuringly predictable. It may also stem from the fact that, as soon as someone pierces the first barrier of distance and suspicion, Alteise immediately tries to get more "intimate", which simply means she starts to behave more friendly. Or tries to.
It's not that Alteise doesn't know what to do with herself, or how to handle herself either, it's just that she's socially awkward and has a hard time figuring out how to communicate with people, despite she's not all that bad at reading them. The fact that nobody hardly ever laughs at her jokes, for example, is something that makes her uncomfortable, though it's hard to blame anyone for that giving how she looks as if she's constantly glaring at everyone.
She's generally well-meaning and takes her responsibilities seriously, despite being quite lazy overall, but while she has enough respect for authority to allow a civilized society to work properly, her patience in the face of adversities and unjustified setbacks is relatively short, which means that as soon as "conventional" manners fail her, her rebellious spirit takes over, and she's hard to sway once she's set on dealing with circumstances in her own way.
Backstory: Alteise has been a mercenary since a young age, starting her career in the front lines as early as she could. She does not speak about her past, her family or her parents, though her foreign heritage makes it even more mysterious than it should look: was she sold in slavery? Did she escape from a war, only to find more? Was she looking for fortune? She always claimed to have worked for money and survival, but then she also constantly tried to avoid the subject.
During her life, she has eventually passed from life as mercenary to that of an adventurer, which required higher specialization and even more guts and willpower, but was potentially more rewarding. She has had a few fruitful adventures with a party of fellow adventurers, until her two closest friends disappeared, one by dying in action and the other by leaving without prior warning.
Over the course of her life she had, by accident, helped out a peculiar nobleman by the name of Edric Scala, whose lot in life has been good until his most recent times, where he has lost much of his riches, prestige and even his wife in circumstances of which he never explained the details. He finally got to meet Alteise in person after she saved his son's life from a ragtag bunch of muggers and, believing her presence in his life was ordained by fate, first offered to marry her to his son Rondo, and upon her refusal he offered to adopt her in the Scala family.
Being given a surname and also a "local" name, Libaza, she has thus entered nobility by adoption, with the title of Baroness. Her relationships with her new family are odd, as her sibilings still haven't really accepted her, especially the youngest daughter, Clara, but the head of the house, Edric, has more faith in her than she has in his son.
Alteise is now beginning to rebuild her family's fief, starting from making a base of operation out of an old, abandoned mansion in the vicinity of Lazflamme, with the help of Rondo and Clara, while her adoptive father Edric is away on a journey to call in favours from old contacts of his.

Once you have a sheet up and running Everyone should open their own thread for their character here so I can discuss the characters with them.

I'm closer to running the game right now, I just need you to choose your realms while I find out how to work out and estimate distance.

If I decide to fill out all the available realms I will make an ad.


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