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Corrupt A Wish

No, there's definitely been worse; at least we can all be creative now!

Granted, the plane is made of paper and is submerged in water.

I wish I had a set of bat wings that were fully functional and connected to my shoulder blades, even if I couldn't use them to fly.

Granted, Unfortunately the mutagenic process that grafted bat wings onto you give you inoperable cancer.

I wish everyone knew exactly how bad sugar was for them and the politicians banned it from use.

Hmmm...I can think of three ways to corrupt this one...

1.) Granted. Sugar is banned from use, fueling an illegal market for the substance. While the knowledge of what sugar does is able to limit its spread somewhat, most people just don't care.

2.) Granted. All sugar is outlawed, leading to a rapid rise in artificial sweeteners to fill the gap. By and large, little changes.

3.) Granted. Anything that requires sugar as a part of its production process is outlawed. Cellulose, among other things, is a sugar. All foods break down into some form of sugar. The law, which is kept in effect through unknown means, effectively makes all food illegal. The revolts do not take long to follow...

3 is my favored corruption, but all should be valid.

Hmmm...I wish that humans were able to accurately evaluate probabilities.

Granted. However, the capacity to evaluate a probability proves to in no way grant the inclination to behave accordingly, thus sparing the careers of astrologists, lottery vendors, and televangelists.

I wish I could see in all spectrums of energy, including the [normally] non-visible ones.

Granted. Now you can see all spectrums of energy of energy. However, you see them all at the same time with no way to differentiate one from the other.

I wish I had Danny's former job, a Death Star Latrine Attendant.



Granted, But it lacks fulfillment and you die when some punk blows it up.

I wish the pistachio's we buy in Australia weren't the ones they serve as pig food in the middle east.

Granted. You now get the pistachio's they serve as chicken feed in the middle east.

I wish I was a real ninja.

Granted, but you are so inept you get killed on your first mission.

I wish the world was like the TV show kings.

Granted, the entire world is a piece of fiction loosely based on certain religious beliefs televised for the entertainment of the masses. Unfortunately, what with the whole world being involved in this production there is no-one left to provide basic necessities like food, energy and medical care and the entire global population is reduced to a starving, disease ridden wreck.

I wish I had a cold bottle of Stella.

Granted. You gain a bottle made out of frozen Stella.

I wish for for the ability to make a wish in this thread.

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