Non Sequitur

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Corrupt A Wish

Granted: you realize you just did.

I wish D&D characters could count as being from two different regions.

It's a good thing I got irradiated by DannyT and then saved by Voxanadu; now I am cancer free!

Granted, but not in any games you play in.

I wish there was next to no snow during winter. Everything else can stay the same, just that there is somewhere between no snow and one inch of snow cover.

Granted, here in Queensland Australia we have an amount of snow that is somewhere between your stated parametres. You are however...not welcome to enjoy it.

I wish more people would play in the I win thread.

Granted. Soon, however, someone will win, ending the thread...

I wish to win the aforementioned I win thread in one week's time.

Granted: but people get mad that you win a thread that is supose to be unbeatable and now you are banned from this part of the board for ever.

I wish for Leann Rimes

Granted, but you annoy her so much she comes after your boy bits with It's not pleasant.

I wish my calendar for the next two months didn't suck.

Granted. The world recognizes your right to rule it. The world's inhabitants? Not so much.

I wish for a functioning, accurate universal language translator.

Granted: they wish for original ways to annoy you.

I wish that Magius' computer's keyboard didn't have any keys.

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