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Corrupt A Wish

Granted. But since politics isn't technically a religion, all those political recruiters people cringe about? Yeah, at your door. Every twenty minutes. Forever, even on non-election years.

Good corruption BTW. Groundhog Day'd. Ugh.

I wish my previous wish couldn't be Groundhog Day'd. I don't mind not moving up, but the exact same calls, every single day? :shudder:

Alright, fine. GRANTED although now you have the body of a woman and all your dick co-workers wont stop hitting on you.

I wish that my wish does not come true!

Granted, but it only lasts three days.

I wish I were Mario

Such a shame that your name is Mario the Snitch, known Mob stoolie. Your boss discovers this fact, and you are given a pair of concrete shoes then dropped into the Hudson.

I wish that I knew why myth-weavers was down earlier.

Granted, the FBI come and arrest you for hacking a public web sight.

I wish I were a Klingon.

Granted, but you're one of the crappy "off-shoot" Klingon tribes that Kirk kept running into. And killing, with extreme prejudice. So now you're a dead Klingon.

I wish the FBI managed to catch the REAL hacker a-hole who took down MW earlier, and released me due to my innocence in the matter at hand.

Granted. After six months of pleading, arguing, and fighting the system, you are finally released due to "lack of evidence." You know you're innocent, but nobody else seems to believe you. Unmarked white vans follow you wherever you go. The REAL hacker a-hole, on the other hand, is released six hours after being arrested. He has friends in high places.

I wish the aforementioned situation didn't sound so maddeningly plausible.

Granted. It turns out that the FBI doesn't really care, because they don't feel like hacking is a credible threat. <Corruptor's note: this may actually be the case. At least, this seems to be the case for bio-weapony to some extent.>

I wish that there were fewer computer-illiterate people in the world (to be completed in a way which does not reduce the number of people in the world).

Granted; the Borg come out of no where and assimilate every one making them all computer literate.

I wish to know if V-gir from the Star Trek Motion Picture, was recreated by an early Borg society.

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