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Corrupt A Wish

Granted. Turns out, pukeing up hairballs isn't a sign of sickness, but of boredom. So they are the picture of health, but they still hack up hairballs on a regular basis.

I wish the I could get paid my current wage as a salary, while sitting at home, typing away on MW all day long.

Granted, but the pay is in monopoly dollars.

I wish the pirate bay's appeal wasn't rejected from the supreme court.

Granted. I don't want to corrupt this, but it's the rules. They get their day in court, but when they win a Hellmouth opens up directly under the Supreme Courthouse, and the world comes to an end. And yet, they still can't display their website in the US legally.

I wish that I knew where SingleSyllable's gif sequence came from.

Granted, you know know where my gif is from; the internet.
It's from Vocaliod; her name is Hatsune Miku.
But seriously

I wish I could assign my luck for the day to various things, similar to skill points in DnD, and then reselect where my luck is assigned every day.

Granted, though the day you assign your luck to lottery, you neglect putting any in "not-getting-crushed-under-falling-piano" ... guess what happens.

I wish the temperature outside was always the perfect temperature.

Granted. Absolute Zero is the Perfect tempurature for Super-Conductivity.

I wish I had all the Exalted 2nd Ed source books and splats in hardbound, legally procurred editions, and that the bindings are of excellent quality.

Granted. Problem is they are locked away in a glass case and you cannot use them.

I wish I was a Star Trek security officer.

Granted. You are a star trek security officer...on the Kobayashi Maru. Have fun.

I wish for a pound of dice, in good condition, and legally obtained.

Granted. They're all d12s, unfortunately--unless you happen to be a barbarian!

I wish for the innate ability to cast Prestidigitation once per day.

Eh, sentient magic items casting telekinesis to throw greataxes could use a fair few of those...or an army of ghosts...

Granted. To your displeasure, however, casting it fails due to not having a high enough charisma score (I'm sorry for implying a charisma penalty, but it's the most efficient corruption).

I wish for the ability to losslessly convert one die of a given number of sides to a die of another given number of sides.

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