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Corrupt A Wish

Granted, but since the universe uses dimensions and not dimentions... said power is completely and utterly useless.

I wish I hadn't used up all my good ideas for wishes.

Granted, you still have plenny of ideas. You don't have them in mind? Where could they be...

I wish for a (fresh) mussels and fries meal.

granted, but it is in gum

I wish people who made 'cute' retorts based on typos and spelling or spelling flames would be boiled alive in sulphiric acid.

Granted. We would have been. But instead we got distracted playing scrabble and were late for our own executions. Later you're charged with hate crimes and remembered alongside such illustrious names as Hitler. Only far less successful.

I wish that all the hours humanity has wasted on internet porn was instead used for something worthwhile- like curing diseases or solving various world crisis.

Granted, but we don't successfully find any solutions to the problems we currently face, instead developing bonnets to transmit radio signals to puppies for long range commands. (Puppy cellphones)

I wish there were peaceful treants inhabiting earth.

Granted, but they all live in the rain forest, and being cut down by the hundreds daily.
point of logic- when the "except" essentially denies the wish that isn't a corruption any more, it is a refusal to grant.

I wish the Libertarian party would replace the Republicans for one of the top two political parties.

Granted. But nothing actually changes except where half of the corporate bribe money goes.

Speaking of: I wish I were in politics so I could get some of those bribes.

Granted, but since there is a substantial fraction of republicans without libertarian leanings, the party balance skews towards the democrats and your desired legislative outcomes never happen.

I wish everyone voted based on what makes sense forth entire nation and not based on narrow self-interest.

Granted, but one year later, there is a revolution because everyone thinks the government doesn't take care of "them".

Speaking of politics, I wish Jack Layton survived his cancer...

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