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Corrupt A Wish

Granted but they had to remove his liver.

I wish for a Sandwhich 3 feet long and 2 feet wide, with only bacon, well done hamburger and chedder cheese. It is at exactly 75 degrees fahrenheit and is hand made at an inn, with nutralize poison casted on it, oh and it's resting on a plastic platter 4ft long and 3 feet wide and I don't have to give anyone anything, including my soul and no one I care about has to die in order for me to get it.

There, that should have been specific enough.

Granted. After tricking the universe into giving you exactly what you wanted, you feel empty - there is nothing more you can accomplish.

I wish for smallpox.

Granted. You now have smallpox. It's in a jar in CDC custody, but you legally own it. Though you're not legally allowed anywhere near it nor do you have any influence over what is done to it by the government. (Hey, people pay to name stars and have real estate on the moon- why not buy horrible diseases?)

I wish to be able to change into any form I want (and back) at will as often as I desire, and with no negative repercussions from the process.

Granted, but you have to add Doppleganger to your I.D. and you have to keep extensive documentation of any and all previous forms.

I wish for the next persons wish to go off with out a hitch.

Granted. But the next person is wishing for nothing interesting.

My wish is nothing interesting. Which means I can get whatever. It just can't be interesting.

Granted. Entropy wins, and there's nothing interesting left in the universe, just a static field of constant energy.

I wish for the Nile.

Granted, but they got the delivery address wrong. Come on over and have some. It's delicious.

I wish all the students in my class had sensible, mentally balanced, realistic parents who didn't need me to give them parenting lessons.

Granted, but it's because you're now an instructor at a dog obedience school.

I wish I could telekinetically lift and move objects no matter how much they weigh or how far away from me they are.

granted, but every force requires an opposite force, and it is exerted on your brain, causing permenant damage.

I wish it wuld rain cheese.

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