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Corrupt A Wish

Granted, you realize there are more anime than Bleach and Naruto.

I wish I had more people to talk about anime with outside of the internet.

Granted. You realize that all they want to talk about is Bleach and Naruto. If you mention anything else they start flaming you via myspace, facebook, Myth weavers forums, other blog sites, email, yim, aim and msn.

I wish they would make another season of the animated X-Men cartoon that japan did 12 episode of this year.

Touche, MadHatter, touche.

Granted, but it's as confusing and drug out as the entire show Lost.

I wish it wasn't snowing right now.

Single S

Singel S Thats right I changed your name. All part of my epic corruption. I must say you are a worthy foe Single S.


It is not snowing now. Instead there is a hail storm, where the hail is the size and shape of gold bricks, but not worth as much. No matter where you live 456 tornadoes are striking down in just your house and a 10 mile radius around you. The only thing you can do is stay inside your bedroom for fear of death. Even though everything around you is destroyed you can take comfort in knowing Single S that you still have issue 56 of the Naruto Manga to read before you're sucked up into a tornado.

I wish I was immune to all poisons and diseases in real life but was not some weird D&D monster or anything other then my normal every day self who could not catch a disease or be poisoned.

Granted. You are immune to *every* poison and disease. You can no longer enjoy alcohol. Or caffeine. The necessary effects of certain internal toxic chemicals ceases to function. Even (or more like especially when you look up the actual health effects of the stuff) testosterone. So you slowly waste away and die as if you age approximately a decade in somewhere around four months. And that, of course, is assuming "insulin" doesn't class as some kind of "toxic". That's... kind of a gray area...

I wish for an
and that means legitimately normal that no bank or any other location at which it might be exchanged for goods or services... nothing special about it at all, such as it having gone through a temporal rift or being counterfeit or being too damaged to use
ordinary, american, 20 dollar bill to be found and acquired by myself and all it takes me is the simple pleasure of going for a walk. Every time I take a walk.

I'll be okay, I have bat wings that allow me to fly all thanks to the hard work of a few wishes and suffered corruptions earlier in the thread; I may die from the GIANT hail bricks, but according to another corrupted wish, I will just resurrect and be immune to death by hail bricks. It'll hurt like hell, but at least I won't be be dead! Success!

Granted, you are completely immune to poison (which includes painkillers, oddly enough - the more you know) and diseases (death is not a disease, unfortunately) but you are now instantly killed by silver, wood, flame, extensive exposure to sunlight (more than 4 hours at a time of direct contact, 7 hours of indirect contact), divine turning, magic, adamantine, cold iron, and siege weapons.

See what I did there?

Aww Tana, you got me

Granted, you get a $20 USD by going for a walk, but you are hit by the hail bricks that are coming down upon me as I attempt to fly away from the tornadoes that are now chasing me. I'll attempt to resurrect you soon enough, just gotta get rid of the storm first.

I wish for the storm that is currently chasing me to instead chase MadHatter.

Single S I keep forgetting how immune you are and abilities you have. Damn.

Granted. The storm is now chasing me but being a Weathermancer I turn around and anime style use my blood as seal to stop the storm from happening. I then go back to rebuilding my damnaged house with a 80's eye of the tiger montage.

I wish Single S would lose all of his previous corruptions, abilities and status and instead gain the following corruption. Always ninja'd by Tanari.

Granted, I lose all my previous corruptions, abilities, and status, gaining the trait that I am always ninja'd by Tanari (whom isn't a member of Myth-Weavers). I also die in the process, falling out of the sky. On the other hand, you, MadHatter, become haunted by me in a spirit form that retains all my corruptions, abilities, and status.

I wish MadHatter loses the ability to be exercised by anyone, at any time, or in any way, without me disappearing.

Granted, he can exercise all he wants, can't get rid of you. One little exorcism, you get banished to Limbo for all time.

I wish that my birthday was better than it has been already today.

... Haha. Spelling error corruption. That's why you'll appreciate this.

Granted. MadHatter can no longer be exercised by anyone. He quickly becomes fat and lazy, eventually dying of cholesterol problems. He does, however, get an exorcism about a week after you start haunting him. You get kicked back into the afterlife, to promptly be eaten by sandworms, but not before they mate on your half-dead corpse. Turns out, they eat anything that moves and isn't one of their own. So it takes you exactly 644 years to escape from the scenic tours of several hundred thousand worms worth of teeth and intestines (that are also full of teeth). You can't die. But that doesn't stop your nervous system from relaying all kinds of fascinating sensations, sounds, smells and tastes to you.

Granted. Your eleventh birthday (or was it your tenth, I'm not sure?) in fact WAS better than this one has been today. Also... later today, you will be sodomized by ferrets, defecated upon by several dozen pigeons, get drunk, and wake up consummating your new marriage to William Shatner's Toupee.
My corruption was a whole lot more sadistic, FYI. You are unworthy of the bunbun.

I wish for anything that would prevent my morning and evening walks to instantly and harmlessly be removed, cured, healed and/or prevented from doing so depending on which most logically applies to that specific issue.

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