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Corrupt A Wish

That first definition doesn't limit it to this life. It's action that brings either good or bad results in this life or the next.

And just because you don't like how the wish is corrupted doesn't mean you can nullify it. Turning my lightsaber into a soul-eating machine is definitely not within the parameters of the wish, but it's not nullified. You asked for the people who do the most harm. What is the definition of harm? Is that the only one? Who or what is judging this out of all the possible definitions of harm? I added the notion that, since you enabled such a massive spree of harm that can and probably will kill
What if a life-saving doctor hits a school bus full of children in just the right manner as to kill all of the children, but leave him alive but severely injured?? Is he bad for causing physical harm to himself and numerous others and emotional harm to countless more, or is he neutral or even good because he has and could save an even larger amount of lives?
innocents, whatever balancing force that enables your wish sees your death as balance enough, and ends the cycle prematurely.

Those who can't play nicely won't get to play at all. This is not a thread-winning exercise.

I wish for world peace. Corrupt away.

Everybody dies, and the world enjoys the peace of the grave.

I wish to appease the mods.

Granted, but you're dead anyways, so you can't enjoy it.

I wish I had enough money to last me a lifetime of comfort.

Granted! Most unfortunately, you didn't specify whose lifetime. You got the lifetime of a mayfly. Enjoy the next 24 hours.

I wish the next corruptor could rhyme the word 'orange'

Granted. Using crappy freeform poetry with a bad accent. I manage to rhyme 'orange'... with 'syringe'.

The corruption is that, well, it's awful and now your brain has figured out just how badly you have to annunciate those words to make that work. And it hurts.

I know this because that's what my brain went through.

I wish for my suffering to stop.

Granted. Your suffering ends and an equivalent amount of suffering is heaped upon your nearest friend. When they kill themselves to avoid the agony, the suffering then transfers to the next nearest friend, and so on, and so forth. Eventually you are alone with your disembodied suffering.

I wish for smooth sailing.

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