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Corrupt A Wish

Granted, but you aren't able to reform after the first time, so you are permanently and instantly atomized the first time you use that ability.

I wish I was in a rock and roll band.

Granted. Your band is a total flop and falls apart after a couple years. (All you need for a rock and roll band is a couple guitars and something to keep a beat...)

I wish for the human species to thrive more in the next ten millenium than we did in the last one.

Granted. Problem is, you killed our evolutionary path. We were *meant* to become entities of pure energy with perfect minds and godlike powers. Granted... this was due to incredibly advanced technology. But point remains. We remain human. Homo sapien.

Instead we are surpassed by, repressed, and enslaved by other species in the energy-form-evolutionary-race. We're allowed to keep truly advanced technology- up to and including interplanetary travel- but any tech that involves energy manipulation and conversion is banned and results in a purge every time we try.

Still- we have awesome technology and are literally the dominant flesh based organism in this galaxy. Which is some kind of comfort, I guess, since we're universally slaves whose only semblance of freedom is that our masters don't care about us enough to set us on fire for their own amusement.

I wish to be a godlike energy life form.

Granted. You are god-like, but have no powers of any deity. You are also dependent on an energy source for a type of energy that doesn't exist in any universe, and therefore fizzle out into nothingness with little more than a barely audible "click".

I wish to be a super bowl-winning mvp linebacker.

Granted. But the only way you can use your abilities as a Necromancer is to engage in...well...the other necro thing associated with dead bodies.

I wish I was wealthy enough so I never had to work another day in my life.

Granted. You steal 10 million dollars in a daring armored car robbery. Three guards die. Then are promptly caught by the cops. You need never work another day in your life because room and board are provided to you free of charge, courtesy of Uncle Sam.

I wish for the best day ever.

Granted, every other day in your life sucks like hell now.

I wish people would stop using the word Gay as an insult.

Granted, but it takes the annihilation of the human species in order for the last 2 people left alive to settle their differences, at which point they both die, wiping out the human race.

I wish to be God.

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