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Corrupt A Wish

Nope, because A. There is no link in your signature, and B, no advertising for other sites.

I wish for more wishes.

ugh lmao. The reason I thought of that wish was because I decided NOT to show my sig in that post. herpa derp
Actually the rule is no advertising competitors, ie PbP forums. I specifically asked if the ad in my sig is allowed.

Wish not granted as you never granted mine besides, you have as many wishes as you would like to post.

Granted. We all do this on your site crashing it which makes you have to buy a new server which costs way more money bankrupting you.

there has already been a wish for that so I will grant it differently.
Granted. You now have unlimited wishes. Life is meaningless and hollow because at any moment you can simpy rewrite the entirety of reality. Sex, money, and drugs after a millenia have left you bored of everything. You imposed limits upon yourself about halfway through because you just kept rewriting reality for every minor thing which made it worse. Eventually you can no longer take it your wish for immortality and eternal youth that cannot be wished away have now been your downfall. You continue to exist in a horrible mire of boredom until the heat death of the universe at which point you are shithive crazy and start reenacting old scenes from 8 bit theater.

I wish more people read 8 bit theater

Granted, but the writer dies of shock and we are forced to read the same 1000+ strips over and over and over again.

I wish I was a game designer for Blizzard-Activision.

Granted, but you were assigned to work on games for the Atari Jaguar, which folded shortly after your arrival. Having a surplus of highly overpaid programmers, and you being one of them, B-A was forced to fire you, and then sue you for corporate espionage, pinning the folding of Jaguar on you. Penniless and destitute, you live out your days wishing for the return of the Atari version of Pac-Man.

I wish I had a 3DO game system.

Granted. You have a game system where you roll 0 sided dice.

I wish that the universe becomes a much better place for everyone, and that it stays that way.

Granted. You don't notice the difference.

I wish I noticed the difference.

Granted. You notice the differences but you lack the ability to comprehend the differences and create meaning from them. So you just end up noticing things are different and getting a feeling that something is wrong but having no ability to comprehend the differences in any meaningful way you just continue on with life as normal as though nothing had changed.

I wish for Scarecrow71 to be a God to join the Myth-Weavers pantheon that haven't been up to much lately. Because you can never have too many gods and goddesses.

Granted. Now, because he has barely any knowledge of 3.5, we aren't allowed to use anything more than core. (No offense, scarecrow)

I wish to know Why, just Why?

Granted. Why is now the only word you know. But you know it in every language ever spoken, written, read, or invented in the universe. Unfortunately, you never get any answers that you understand.

I wish human biology adapts itself so that the things that are actually healthy for us to eat taste good. And that unhealthy things taste bad.

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