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Corrupt A Wish

Granted. It is now 16-bit Theater and it stars the main character as Joe Rogan playing himself. While always eating a burrito.

Oh and Chicken McLoud can't commit suicide unless he does it like Arnold from T2. Because he is a T1 Terminator

I wish that Chicken McLoud ((yes I am obsessed)) would become my side kick and we could fight crime as Socially Awkward Man and my faithful sidekick Extra Crispy.

Riiiight.... and 99% of everything else in this thread is entirely impossible. So what's your point?

Granted. You and the decapitated chicken corpse fight crime. Poorly. You get shot by a gang banger on the first day.

I wish I didn't feel so tired after work.

Granted, you no longer feel tired after work because you sleep through all your shifts. Eventually, you lose your job.

I wish this wish was uncorruptable.

Granted. You don't make that wish. And therefor it doesn't get corrupted. Because it can't. Don't think about that too hard, paradox hurts the brain.

I wish paradox concepts made sense.

Granted. Now please to claim your book to understand paradoxes you just have to follow these directions. "When I say Start I need you to go upwards red-ways but only when I say the word start. And make sure that when you back up you go more than fifteen, but less than four. Ready. GO!" Please enjoy a complimentary mint after claiming your book. Have fun understanding paradoxes.

I wish that I understood what I just said.

Granted, but such deep understanding is beyond normal human comprehension and your head explodes.

I wish I could travel through time, much like Dr. Sam Becket, who stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator....and vanished.

Granted. You are forged for war. Unfortunetly for you it is the war of spoons versus forks and you sided with the spoons. So you're turned into a 6'2 180 pound spoon. You can only move 5 inches a second and everything itches but you don't have any hands to scratch it. You can only hop and bend down. Your face is in the bowl shape of the spoon head.

I wish that TanaNari would join the Fork Rebellion and be slayed by the Imperial Spoon Alliance. While I start my own super soldier hybrid army soldier called "The Spork".

Granted. There is not a single part of that is not awesome in what you just said. Unfortunately the universe knew that too and then collasped the universe where that happened into a singularity that gets its own sitcom called. "Radiation and Gravity" Hijinks ensue.

I wish I could stop watching south park on netflix. It is starting to bleed into what I know to be true.

Granted. Netflix is canceled and removed from everyone's ps3, xbox and computer across the world with a message that includes your picture, name and address. You're murdered within 24 hours by an angry mob. You're corpse hangs from Madison Square Garden for the next 100 years.

I wish that one more person would join my walking dead game so I can start it.

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