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Corrupt A Wish

Gratned. Unfortunately its candian bacon sandwich.

I wish for the blight of canadian bacon to be ended.

((Awww. I always wanted to be Bhaal Anyways... Last corrupting before bedtime))

Granted. There's simply no more bacon at all, so everything's ended. Next day, enraged mob makes bacon from you.

I wish that people would stop complaining about imaginitive stuff.

Granted, now everything they complain about comes to life. The world is over run with zombies and aliens and people made out of glass crystal figures. We all die and everyone blames it on you.

I wish TanaNari would stop corrupting my wish because he doesn't make them enjoyable and fun for me.

Granted, instead I'll corrupt your wish in a way that has you wishing for a chicken-terminator-squirrel demigod to make off with my nuts.

I wish i were a better cook.

Granted. You're now the best cook in the entire world. Every other cook comes to you 24 hours a day and demands lessons from you. But since none of them got their cooking through magic wish giving powers, they get frustrated that you can't teach them anything. After a month of this you're stabbed to death by a stale Italian Bread Loaf.

I wish that someone would make a bacon meatball garlic bread with pizza in the middle sandwhich. So I could eat it.

Granted. I carefully prepare your sandwich and am even so kind as to put it on a plate for you. I sit there, watching and smiling.

I wish for more rat poison.

I don't understand how that corrupts my wish. Ohh I get it now. LOL

I wish I was immune to rat poison as I eat this delicious sandwhich.

Granted. You are immune to rat poison for the duration of the eating process. Your immunity ends precisely as the last bite makes its way down your esophagus into your stomach. Unfortunately, the rat poison remains in your system for a good deal longer than that.

I'm wishing for the one I love to find me today.

Granted. Unfortunately for you, the sandwich is laced with cyanide, which when ingested with your sandwich kills you rather quickly.

I wish I didn't need to breathe.

I'm wishing for the one I love to find me today.
Granted, unfortunately he thinks you're a horrific creep and puts a restraining order out on you.

I wish I didn't need to breathe.
Granted, your skin develops the ability to pass oxygen to your lungs without you needing to breathe. However, if you get wet, you drown.

I wish oatmeal had more umami.

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