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Corrupt A Wish

Granted. With the shortened running time, marketers are able to bombard you with the same 10 second ad 6 time every minute, which makes it worse than just a 30 second spot because you are now seeing it repeatedly.

I wish Kevin Smith would go back to making Jay and Silent Bob movies.

Granted. But he ruins them the way Lucas ruined Star Wars.

I wish I could have got in before mordae up there. My bear trap joke would have been so much better.

Granted. But someone else got in before you and used your bear trap joke before you could, which now makes you look like a copycat.

I wish I had a better job.

Granted. You now work 2x same job as before and you get 1 cent more for it.

I wish my PC would have friendly AI who would only contact with me and not have any plans to rule the internet/world/whatever in couple of hundred years.((And that that AI would run on separate server))

Granted. However, while it does not plan to do so, it takes over the world, and everyone gets mad at you for having to calculate Pi all day.

I wish that everyone in the world became a bit more good.

Granted. Now all humans are good... food. We taste awesome. Every species on earth decides human flesh is the best food that has ever been. Including other humans.

We cease being the dominant species in a year. We go extinct within three.

I wish to own a catapult.

Granted. NOW they're shrieking because you've burst into flames.

I wish more wishes got corrupted with spontaneous combustion.

Granted, but never any of the ones you think would be better with impromptu immolation; only the ones where it makes no sense.

I wish for a wild and crazy time, since I'm on fire as it is.

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