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Corrupt A Wish

Granted. Unfortunately, this extends to everyone, and the explosions are approximately a 10,000 megaton yield. Nations the world across make the understandable error of believing his is a nuclear war done via terroristic methods, and it doesn't take long at all before we're all radioactive rubble. Assuming we lived past the wish wishing wisher explosions.

I wish for a better subject than wishing about wish wishing wishers.

Granted, you're now wishing about wish wishing corrupters.

I wish I was a non-corrupt politician who is elected to office and NOT assassinated.

Granted. You are elected and immediately impeached.

I wish I could play the guitar really well.

Granted, you're Johnny Cash and now dead.

I wish Johnny Cash and Chris Farley were not dead.

Granted, both are vampires who feast on your blood and lead the world into 10,000 years of darkness

I wish vampires (the non-sparkly kind) did exist.

Granted. Unfortunately they realize that we are onto them and hunt us all down and murder us after they get the passwords to our accounts in order to edit out all mention of them. That is how real vampires do it. Damn sparklies. That makes NO sense. WHHHY DO THEY SPARKLE. ARE THEY MADE OUT OF DIAMOND. I THOUGHT THEY were made out of marble. They said the word marble enough in the damn books! I could go on but I should just make my wish.

I wish I understood why she made them sparkle.

Granted. However, it is now the only thing you do understand and you will never be able to understand anything else ever again.

I wish that people corrupting wishes were given a word limit of 10 words to corrupt wishes and if they exceed 10 words in doing so then the corruption is forfeit and the wish is granted without corruption.

Granted, but no one ever exceeds ten words.

I wish people were limited saying only 5 words before they had to hear someone else say 5 words to be capable of speaking again.

Granted. Sadly for you, this is the internet. We tyoe.

I wish all limitations on amount of words typed, spoken, or whatever, were gone.

Granted. Now all post consist of million words and trillion characters. And yes, the forums were adapted to have enough space to fit all this.

I wish I was a cloud.

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