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Corrupt A Wish

Granted. And you are immediately dispersed into nothingness when hurricane-force winds come at you.

I wish LtLukoziuz wasn't dispersed any more.

Granted. He's re-assembled. Inside of you. And must wait until you successfully urinate him out. The process is quite horrible for BOTH of you.

I wish for that event to be recovered for youtube.

Granted. Now it's horrible to watch for ALL of us.

I wish TanaNari would have to watch that video 24/7 on youtube.

Granted... it's hilarious for a while, and after that I just get bored. Next week I spend a lot of time catching back up on this site and elsewhere.

I wish for a dual screen for my computer, that way I could do other things while watching the video.

Granted. And you have to watch it with him.

I wish that video was removed from youtube.

Granted. Sadly, now it's on every other side.

I wish it got removed from Myth-weavers, at least. Come on guys, we're trying to have a serious site here.

((Oh Jesus... ))

Granted. The site is taken over by cats and clowns.

I wish I didn't experience all that hell.

Granted. You experience it as one of the cats, and while annoying, you find it hardly hell-like at all.

I wish for a fish to tease LtLukoziuz with.

Granted. Except the fish you get is a shark, which promptly eats you.

I wish to see diremage getting eaten by a shark on youtube.

Granted. However, the shark is a stuffed animal.

I wish my stuffed animal shark had a laser i could shoot people with.

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