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Corrupt A Wish

Granted. But I have to give them my account information to collect. I choose not to because it sounds like a scam. Also- 115 dollars (before taxes) just isn't worth the BS of international exchanges.

I wish to be Godzilla. The cool Japanese Dinosaur version. Not the crappy french iguana version.

Granted. Sadly, you get killed by getting a nuke shot into your mouth.

I wish I came up with a great way to explain my new character to the others, without using the word 'insane' in any way. Cause he's not.

Granted, but you have to describe him as crazy, off his rocker, loony tunes, or any other form of "crazy", but not using the word "insane".

I wish I was the nuke that killed Godzilla so I could divert myself and spare godzilla, detonating harmlessly in the ocean, not causing anything bad to happen to anyone anywhere, or godzilla himself (but I'm sure I'm going to be atomized, and that's ok with me so long as no harm comes to anybody or godzilla).

Eh, I'm ok being nuked, I'll be just fine by the beginning of the next movie.

Granted. We eventually come to understand you're just a really bad writer.

EDIT: Granted. You divert. Thus completely ruining the plot of the movie and forcing the japanese to use up the plot device they were saving for NEXT movie to kill me instead.

I wish more people understood how these movies actually *worked*.

Granted. Now everyone understands them, and they think they're crap.

I wish that the Hurricane Sandy doesn't take any lives.

Godzilla movies ARE crap. That's what makes them fun. Kinda like Rocky Horror, only with weird noises and rubber outfits... uh... ok, only with cardboard buildings to break down. *Sigh* no one understands.

Granted. But next year's Hurricane Satan manages to breach a nuclear power plant and fatally irradiate millions to die in agony.

I wish I had something decent to drink in this house.

Granted. You have decent things to drink, but not to eat.

I wish that my sister didn't take the keys of my bike with her to leeuwarden... *Sigh*

Granted. She left you the keys but instead took the bike.

I wish I had more Halloween candy.

Granted, you will henceforth be followed by a delightful, fluffy, white cloud that slowly rains candy corn in your general vicinity

I wish I had super powers and a costume to hide my secret identity.

Ganted. You are now Projectile Defecation Man. Your costume is a diaper. That you wear on your head. And nothing else. Your powers are... well... let's just say you have a range of approximately 200 yards... and your ultimate nemesis is Umbrella Man. And you can probably figure out the rest.

I wish car insurance didn't cost so damn much.

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