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Corrupt A Wish

...and a herd of unicorns with which to power it.
I think you missed something

Granted. Your restaurant revises its poorly-written menu to be intuitive and user-friendly, and the people who still ask you about what's on the enchilada plate are now mostly worried about food allergies.

I wish people would actually read the damn post instead of glancing at the first sentence and then spamming out a reply.

Granted. But that still doesn't stop them from posting spam - it just delays it as they now have to read the entire post before deciding they only want to respond to one sentence.

I wish stupidity was curable.

Diremage, I was under the impression the herd was there to supply ample amounts of fart, not being the workers themselves lol

Mercutio, the unicorn herd was only there to supply ample amounts of unicorn farts to run the power plants off of. Your corruption stems from unicorns not existing, but I explicitly wished a herd of unicorns into existence. Unlike certain entities, I'm not going to demand that someone 're-corrupt' my wish because the first one 'wasn't good enough', I'm just bringing it to your attention

Scarecrow, granted. Death cures many ills.

I wish to invent a pharmaceutical whose active ingredient was 0.001 micrograms of unicorn hair, which increased intelligence when taken once a day. I could then harvest the hair from my power plant fart-unicorns and sell the anti-stupid pills.

Granted. However the unicorns start to take umbrage at how they're being exploited. One day when you're coming in to do the harvesting and you learn three more things about unicorns- those horns are freakin' SHARP. Unicorn urine heals all injuries. And those horns are REALLY FREAKIN' SHARP.

You survive. For six agonizing hours. That's when the unicorns discover they're out of pee.

I wish for the OTHER kind of unicorn. If you've been on the internet for a while, you'll know what I mean.

Granted, but all you get are thousands of pictures of them. Makes you wish you would have wished for them in a format other than digital, huh?

I wish people would actually answer the questions that are posed instead of skimming the question and answering something totally unrelated because they are too stupid to comprehend simple english.

Granted. They do read the question, but the answers still suck.

I wish that Myth-weavers could go on infinitely, without the need of putting ads for other companies on the site.

Granted. It ascends to a higher reality where the internet can no longer reach it.

I wish for this user's crotch to be infested by the parasites (especially those of insect and bacterial varieties) of a thousand camels for corrupting my wish with such cruelty.

Granted. But now you feel bad, and have make-up sex with him, and get them yourself as well.

I wish TanaNari and Scarecrow won't ever come within 50 meters of me. ever.

Granted. We aren't allowed to come within 50 meters of you at the same time, but either one of us can get as close as we want so long as the other one is outside the 50 meter range.

I wish that all those parasites would find a new home on someone other than me, and that person is someone who I will NEVER come within 1000 meters of, and those parasites cannot ever come back to live on me.

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