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Corrupt A Wish

Granted: but you pig out the very next day to a point where you have an uncomfortable, over stuffed feeling all day.

I wish the wonder pets would come and save me.

granted, after saving you they maul you.

I wish that people had to,after my post,

Granted. But. It. Gets. Really. Annoying. And. It. Is. In. The. Shatner. Voice.

I. Wish. I. Didn't. Have. Too. Talk. Like. This.

granted you now talk like this: funny so is this

oafish Not be to brother my for wish i

Granted. Myth illegal Weavers to thread Non Sequitur corrupt in it a is!

I wish there were more awesome Mel Brooks movies.

Granted, Mel Brooks thinks up 30 more awesome movie ideas and directs them, but George W. Bush is contracted to work as the main actor in all the movies.

I wish I had an undead camel that I could ride and command with my thoughts.

Granted. You are now riding an infaculated Shirley Bassey.

I wish cheese wasn't so expensive. I do love it so.

Granted, Now everyone who plays Starcraft 2 starts each game with enough minerals to 4 Gate, 6 Pool, and 3 Rax Pressure.

I wish I had more manga.

Granted. You now believe that tripping over into a girl, accidently fondling her breasts is a common occurance and increases friendship. (I love manga too).

I wish Elfen Lied had a second season.

I'm just about to start watching that show!

Granted, but it is one of the projects Mel Brooks decided to make and stars George W. Bush as all the characters, both drawn and voiced.

I wish I had the time to learn World of Darkness so I could play it right now.

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