Newest Visitor to Oowarai Kawazoi Mura

Newest Visitor to Oowarai Kawazoi Mura

You make your way up the long and steep path that leads you up the cliffside. A few hours of travel later and see at the top of the hill what looks to be a guard or look out. He looks back down your direction and raises his head, noting to you that he saw you.

Sarutobi's eyes narrowed on the man as he stepped out of from what he was hiding behind.

"Good morning," he said cautiously as he eyed the man for whatever weaponry might be on his person.

A spear and bow were leaned against a ledge. A crude tetsubo hung from his belt, being more wood with studs in it then anything else. As you get slowly closer, his frame is obvously muscled from hard work, and slightly scarred no doubt from fighting.

"Mornin, early for travelin aint it?"

"Early is usually the best time, helps you avoid unwanted meetings on the road." Sarutobi smirked at the man.

"Is there a reason you're so armed, friend?"

"Being on watch doesnt work as well if anything does come up. And your carrying shows you not to be any of the Kawauso. No fighting or drawing steel in town, if you have an issue find a enforcer. If you do get into a fight, as a visitor it will be assumed to be your fault. We try to keep all violence here in check, theres enough fighting with bandits. Though there is the occasional fist to cuff"

He offered with something of a smile. He is not agressive in his words, more like he is reading from a script.

"Coin is accepted as a standard value, if you bring goods and services to the table insted, those are worth what ever both sides agree on."

Sarutobi looked at the guard as if he were speaking an alien language.

"Riiiiiiiight then, did you just ask me for a bribe or do you often randomly discuss the economic realities of your quaint village with complete strangers?"

A small laugh.

"I dont do it randomly, we are asked to do it with all new commers. Because most of them are as foolish as you when they first get here, but most can also learn. The fighting bit tends to be aimed more towards the clanless, the economics more to clansmen that think their chop might be worthsomething here. You can take it how ever you like, I have done my job."

The guard made a guesture that the man coiuld pass should he wish and put some of his mind back to watching the distance.

Sarutobi squinted at the guard, and considered drawing his sword when the bastard called him a fool. It wont do to kill the only defense this place has.

Sarutobi looks down his nose at the guard as he passes him, thinking he was probably going to regret not killing the man later.

Above is what could be best called a border town. Buildings hailing from almost every culture of the empire can be seen. Or at least, the insperations of those culturess. The most prevelant style is that of the Unicorn, some of the buildings even being tent like structures that have obvously been there for a long period of time. Tattered banners hang from poles through out. The colors and mons of a dozen or more familys of the empire hang from the many buildings. While there are some rough clan colors on the people walking the strerts, there are no obvous representations of clan membership amongst people.

There is quite a bit of bustle to the town, farmers trading grain for tools. You can see into some of the buildings where there are drinking and games going on. Many on the street seem to be peasants, but a number also carry weapons. Some even parts of daisho, with a minority a full pair of blades. Unlike the camp below that had a comunity that lived with in it, this place was alive with the comunity within it. The very buildings seem to chatter to one another.

Man, I need a drink, Sarutobi thought to himself. He made his way through town attempting to find the first sake bar or inn he could find.


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