Newest Visitor to Oowarai Kawazoi Mura

There is one major bar as well as a tavern. IF one was interested more in food there was an Inn with food but it didnt look like a proper place to drink. The bar was set around a few small solid buildings and tents connecting them all. At the edges are a few food stalls that also serve the passer byes. The tavern looks a lot more clistered, with groups of people sitting togeather rather then a seeming mass of individuals like the bar area has.

You must stand out because people are paying attention to you more then most of the others. Though after a few moments it looks like a few others that might be in a very similar boat.

Wonder why they are staring at me? Sarutobi checks to make sure his hair isn't doing anything strange, and looks over his clothes for any stains. Shrugging when he realizes his hair is always a mess and his clothes are constantly dirty he moves his way into the sake house.

"Sojou, and keep it coming."

"If your looking for strong, the local still makes some things other then Shochu. But, your the customer. That will be two zeni"

The man offers from behind the bar. A number of the other groups within the tavern look at you. It seems like you are perhaps the only lone person here, but after a moment they go back to what ever conversations they were having prior to your entery.

From glass bottle he filled a small cup before you.

As you sit there, a young boy probably just short of gempukku, or at best just passed it comes up nearly beside you and offered a greeting.

"Greeting Sarutobi-sempai"

A grin across his face, one that only grew as the barkeep looked at him, nearly supressing a sigh as the barkeep walked away. The dismissal of the propritor does little to phase the young on.

"Finding the travel to your liking?"

"I don't recall training at your dojo." Sarutobi said with a sigh, as he pounded back his drink.

One wrong move kid, and you will find yourself a foot shorter.

"Oh no? You seem to follow the same school that I do, the shcool that getting by is truth of ones training. Not the paths walked by those of the clans. You dont want to walk the path that the Scorpion will be walking do you? I can show you a path that she will never find... Or I can leave you be if thats not to your taste."

The young one pulled a flask from his obi, and took a sip.

Sarutobi quirked an eyebrow at the young samurai.

"And you offer this help for free? Do you mistake me for an idiot?" Sarutobi said after slamming back his drink and wiping his upper lip.

"You seem to know a lot about me considering we just met. Who are you?"

"Gaiyuu, wo said anything about free? No, I am sure you can at least bring something to the table. Besides, a camp can always use a bit more help. Do you have something better to do then avoid your preditors? As to knowing... you have already been here over a day. News travels fast to those that listen. If your Lady Scorpion offers coin for you, you can be sure plenty of people will listen to that, coin can travel even further then words."

A small laugh,

"What they plan do do with it, I have no idea, we are in many ways sheltered here."

"Lead on then, lets see how well hidden you can make me. The Scorpion woman chased my through a mystical... whatever it is that brought me here. I doubt will have problems chasing me through the bushes around this village."

Sarutobi sighed, swigged the last of his shoju and indicated for the stranger to lead on.

"Oh we will be hiding far better then behind bush's or the shadows of buildings!"
A laugh and the young man left the stool and headed out the door. Looking this way and that, he headed towards the edge of town. It would have been a left from the path you took up the plateau. At a semi-casual pace headed for a path that led into the moutian hills.


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