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~assuming from your ooc post your following along without comment or action.~

A bit up the hill and into the mountain side he looks around, and then slips into a crack of the side of the mountain. He has to duck and twist a bit. With him doing it right in front of you, you can understand how to do it otherwise you likely would have not had a chance of even seeing this way let alone getting into the hole.
TN 15 athletics to do this smoothly, failure means you catch a few places and take some scrapes for your trouble but get through. Raises will make you look cooler
Smooth. Once through about fifteen feet of craigs, you find yourself on a path big enough for cramped single file walking. Every once and a while you have to make a long step over a hole leading deep into the mountain side, but nothing really hard for two people to casualy walk up.

"This will take a bit, but it will be far from where your followers might easly follow."

Athletics/Reflexes with 1 raise:
Dice Roll:
d10 Results: 8, 5, 9 (Total = 22)
These dice were omitted, altered, or moved: 6d10ez
Original Dice: 6d10ez
Sarutobi attempts to follow with style... (22)

Sarutobi takes after his namesake and navigates the obstacles like a monkey, leaping, spinning, and flipping over things.

"Lead on, friend. This is starting to get fun."

Sarutobi smiles mischeviously.

He leads you through a few other akward turns in the path. As you go, you can barely make out tool marks that show this as not truely a natural forming path. A while lader, and a climb up a stone ladder brings you into a cave with the sound of moving water in it. A small stream comes from holes in one wall and out of a opening in the cave. It looks like from there, its a long drop to other mountian peeks. Around are raised areas of stone, like platforms of a few different hights, likely formed as the water cut its path long ago. The rope Bridges that connected them however, were not naturaly formed. On them small huts and leanto's seem to be home to some people. Fire pits burning in the center of many.

"Welcome to our home!"The boy offered proudly.


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