“If patience is worth anything, it must endure to the end of time. And a living faith will last in the midst of the blackest storm.”

--Joanna Christus, Contemporary Philosopher, Church of XYZ, West Tormauz

ooc: this act will prove to be a game changer one way or another. What the PC's do will be crucial to the future of Tormauz. Make every post count guys

Lady Yannike Prescott

Yannike woke that morning at the Embassy. It was cold. The snow had covered the ground in the hours just before light again, though it would hopefully melt as fast as it came as it had in the days past. The gardens and the city looked so dead covered in snow, and the horrors of the riots at the Opera house had made thoughts of death and depression even more more unwelcome than before.

Ambassador Tine, of course, had already left before she had awoken. He was busy with conferences on the senate floor, and according to him, the whole thing was going to hell in a hand basket and the lines on his face and circles under his eyes seemed to agree.

Breakfast in the dining hall was hot and pleasant, but the quiet stillness of the place was obnoxious and terrible to Yannike. Only a week ago there were plenty of nobles about and she could easily fade into the background... but with them all gone, she was more the center of attention than ever, left completely to her own devices... No one was here. The whole embassy it seemed was empty save her and the servants. It made good sense... Most of the unnecessary nobles on Holiday had scrambled to leave as soon as the riots hit. The only ones who stayed were some patriots, and Yannike did too, thinking perhaps leaving before saying goodbye to her friends at Arx-Imagio would be rude, besides, it's not like the rioters would dare step anywhere near the embassy which had several armed guards on duty at the front gates; besides this whole thing with the city tearing itself apart was even somewhat exciting, carrying a schadenfreude type of appeal.

As she finished her breakfast tea a peacock of a man strutted into the dining hall.

He smiled at her, taking several long and hard looks at her, and eventually he flat out quit being coy and walked right over to join her without so much as asking. Yannike recognized him as an ambassador from some foreign country with vested stake in the capital.

Well good morn to you lass. A serving girl came running out with a covered platter that she dropped in front of the man who now sat directly across from Yannike in the massive hall. The girl ran off rather quickly after removing the cover and setting his place.

I'm Yuvoh. Ambassador Yuvoh, he let the title hang in the air for a moment, ...presiding on behalf of the Federation. What brings a lovely flower like yourself to the capital? While his expressions and body language were flirtatious and incredibly over the top, Yannike did have to admit that his sill posturing did have a light charm to it.

Lady Yannike Prescott

Yannike took a little while to descend for breakfast, looking out of her window to begin with, at the peaceful looking blanket of snow. Even now, from the embassy window, everything at least appeared fine. She spends a minute or two writing a few more words of a letter to Niquette. It is strange. You do not associate chaos with snow. Winter is supposed to be a calm season, a peaceful time. Yet here we have rioting, blood and chaos, or so it is said. Perhaps this is an older kind of Winter; the season of darkness and death once again.

When she descends, even to an empty dining hall, Yannike still looks impressive, between her well tailored great-coat, ruffled shirt and ever impeccable hair and figure. She might not be overusing the make-up these days, but she is still a daughter of Stormrend. Best to keep up appearances.

Even when dining alone

Except, perhaps not. manages a smile for the man. Truth be told, at this point any contact was welcome. She's had a few calls in the days since the riot, but they were irregular, and the quiet stillness had been starting to get to her a little. Lady Prescott gestures around the near-empty table with a wave of the hand "At this point, the better question might be why do I stay?"

She offers her hand, politely, but to shake, not kiss. She is not quite in as cheery a mood as the ambassador. "Yannike Prescott, of Stormrend. Here to assist Ambassador Tine, not that he requires that too much."

She briefly considers if she should have used her title; it wasn't that great a one in polite society, and she'd taken to simply using her name as a rule. But Yannike doesn't let the mild doubt sow; very bad for a first impression, uncertainty. She considers asking the man for news, but thinks better of it; it does not look as though Yuvoh is given to holding back. If he has any information of interest, hopefully he will share it with her. Hopefully.

Ambassador Yuvoh

Prescott... Stormrend... Of the Stormrend Prescotts? He held her hand a bit longer to examine her signet ring to confirm his suspicions.

I see...

Well then Lady Yannike, you've brought up a good question... why do you stay here? Surely you have the wealth to leave, and you aren't required on the senate floor... to what do we owe the honors?

Lady Yannike Prescott

"That's a... slightly difficult question to answer, ambassador. And a personal one at that"

Yannike sighs as she rises, turning for an instant away from Yuvoh, towards the door she'd entered by earlier. It brought back memories of the last few days, alone, looking out, wondering, hoping, fearing. Why didn't she leave? Her presence here wasn't helping anyone, not her friends, nor her family and certainly not the kingdom. She could head out of here so quickly, retun to nice, safe Stormrend, with walls, soldiers and the people who'd seem ever-cheerful compared to the capitol these last few months. Why not go home?

But no, she knows the truth of it. Yannike turns back to the Federation ambassador with a faint smile. Her words when they come are slow, but certain. She knows her mind on this "You see, Sir Yuvoth, I've spent my time here working on every minor project I could invent for myself, to try and help calm this city down. Charity work, mediating, listening quietly, walking alongside Count Tine, whatever little thing I could. It wasn't much, of course, but I felt like I was doing something."

With a slightly weary, humorless grin, her ladyshipwaves her hands about her "And now, it's all come crumbling down. Every thing I've been doing, all that talk of peace, trying to help people... it's all been a waste. All the plans, all the help, undone like that, by recent events" She didn't mention the riot outright, of course, but it is not hard to tell Yannike's meaning now. Lady Prescott's fists are clenched, ever so slightly "My family are supposed to be warriors, Sir Yuvoh. I'm no blademistress, but I don't like the idea of running away from the capitol with things in this state. Not after the time I spent trying to help keep the peace"

Yannike manages a self-deprecating bitter chuckle "Ridiculous, I know. There's not much difference I can make here; not a senator, or an ambassador. I wasn't making a difference before either. But if I'm here, I feel like I'm doing something. I haven't abandoned things, I can still try and help. Does that make sense?"

She's looking a little embarrassed by this point, looking towards the Federation peacock and blushing slightly. She'd not intended at first to be so open, and she'd come across like some would be saviour of the kingdom, It truth, the man'd touched a nerve, and could probably tell. Yannike'd been so optimistic when she'd left Stormrend, hoping to find some great useful role for herself in the city. As things stand though, all her work has proven itself next to useless. She'd been proven useless. Going home would mean admitting that.

Ambassador Yuvoh

Yuvoh began to eat and spoke between mouthfuls, though politely.

If it makes any difference, I can feel your pain.

As I said, I'm here representing the Federation. The security of the capital and the naming of a new king was a top priority mission. While we haven't entirely lost everything we set out to do here we have lost significant ground. The Empire will likely be upon us again in short order. It looks more and more everyday like Tormauz will fail, and that's not good for any of us.

If I was you, I'd head home, or West Tormauz. This place isn't going to be getting any better any time soon. Better to be in a place where you can make a difference than waste your efforts, eh?

Lady Yannike Prescott


Yannike sat down in her place once again, a few seets away from Yuvoh. She was smiling, and looking over to the ambassador with obvious sympathy at first, but when he mentions the possibility of war and the end of things, Lady Prescott looks more than a little surprised, Her tone is still calm, though a part of her feels a little outraged at this. Yes, the riots, and political situation was bad, but still. "I understand you aren't seeing us at our best, ambassador, but really? You can't just write off all chance at peace like that. Things might be bad here and now, but Tormauz outright falling? That's a little harsh, is it not? There's still time to pull things together"

Ambassador Yuvoh

I'm just calling it like I see it. There are rumors or Attreides marching on the capital, but at this rate the place will burn itself to the ground before he gets here. There's also rumors of Bismuthe secretly moving the mark towards convertibility. If that's true, he's playing the whole system to smash and loot it. Can't say for sure if a man would do that to his own homeland, but he is a ruthless type. If that's true it's the final nail in the coffin for this city, they can't take Bismuthe betraying them, and if Attreides is actually marching and gets here to find nothing of value then logic would state he'd just keep marching until he did find something worth conquering, and the Church will eat up a civil war to further the ends of the Empire.

Forgive me if that all sounds bleak, but I'm not exactly happy about it either. That's why I'm playing hooky today. I can't take hearing the senseless noise and I need to just recharge and think. I'm betting a nice night out dancing would set me straight though.
he said cocking an eyebrow.

Lady Yannike Prescott

Yannike listens carefully to the ambassador's words, a little cold to begin with, though warming to his position somewhat as he explains things. Having power can make your inability to affect the world. Bismute putting the mark towards convertability though? That'd be a sign of fear, rather than remaining in control. The Banker's influence was strong, and half the city viewed him as a competitor to Attreides for the throne. Until Jebb'd given his support to the duke, there'd only been one major contender for the crown. What did Bismute have to run from?

Riots helped the Slavemaster, thanks to the templars. Helped the church as well. Could the two be that much under the Empire's control?

It's good to ponder, to think. Sometimes it's all you can do. But then, the end. Yannike should've expected as much, and she manages a chuckle "You'd best find a partner then, ambassador. As for me..." she rises to her feed, bowing her head, before turning "I think I'll try and talk to people. I might despair a little, but as I say, I'm no more tempted to run from this than you"

Truth be told, she'd been waiting for an opportunity to head out, to at least attempt to do something. If nothing else, finding out information might be of used to Count Tine, and everyone seems nervous, tempted to talk. Yannike glances about a little as she leaves the embassy's great doors behind her, walking through the early morning snow. There'd been one gentleman in particular she was curious about, perhaps the only man who'd actively gained position through the riots. It was early; with luck, the burgomaster would still be in his home, and open to brief conversation with one of the few nobles that hadn't paid him a call just yet.

See locations thread for Burgomaster's Manor

Yannike made her way through the quiet streets for a time, but after a while a couple of Templars noticed her and "guarded her" on her way to the Burgomaster's abode. It was a bit of an awkward scenario, half twisted by their loyalty to serve the aristocracy and the other to be in her presence, but they didn't say anything so there was no bother. If nothing else they did have a calming effect and where right in their accusation that the streets weren't safe for anyone, let alone a young lady like her.

Once there the Burgomaster answered the door. There was a servant he was shooing away, exiting the foyer.

Burgomaster Burgoine

I can get the damned door myself! he called after the orc girl.

The two templar soldiers in Yannike's company nodded and made their exit promptly.

Well hello young lady. What brings you to grace my new home?

Lady Yannike Prescott

Yannike was more than a little on edge as she stood outside the door, and it was not entirely due to the templars. This man's reputation was not exactly stellar, and he'd apparently won his current position thanks to Bismute. There were more than a few unpleasant rumours floating around about Master Burgoine, one or two that had even reached her, alone in the embassy

The mundane and simple nature of the situation as it happened left her feeling a little calmer however. From what Todd'd said when he'd called, Yannike'd expected a dark and shadowy room, negelcted and unappreciated, and to be greeted by some shadowy muscle-bound servant. The master of the house opening the door in person, trying to show that he was still his own man, was just so... normal. After so much fear and isolation, these last few days Yannike can't resist a smile

She soon remembered her manners however, and bowed her head. "Formal introduction, primarily, I'm afraid sir. Though I did have a few questions beyond that, if you've the time to listen. I appreciate that most people are busy these days."

She raises one gloved hand to display her signet, though she introduces herself regardless. "Lady Yannike Prescott of Stormrend, at your service. Might I come in?"


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