Burgomaster Burgoine

Of course, he accepted her hand and gave it a good look and gave her a warm smile.

While I do still get visits from pretty lady's most of them aren't quite so young. My guess is that you have some fire in you, a driving agenda.

The slave girl interrupted. Shall I set to receive in the study?

Whatever, he answered waving his hand.

Would sir like a--

I don't care, just do whatever makes you happy. the slave girl looked dissappointed at his response in that she didn't seem to be able to find a good way to serve her master, but she ran ahead and began scrambling to set things up as the two ascended the stairs at a more relaxed pace.

I am Festous, m'lady. I'll do what I can to tell you what I know, but it isn't much.

Festous then noticed Yannike noticing his servant's melancholy.

I don't know what to do for her. She won't relax. I think my predecessor used to abuse her. I tried being patient with her but I don't always have it in me. She gets especially jumpy when visitors arrive and we've had more than a few in the last couple of days.

ooc: there is also a rumor yannike would be aware of that Festous brother wasn't dead and was spotted recently in the bazaar. He is a wanted murderer who killed a priest and two nobles. Yannike would have been reminded of this by Sorben Todd.

Lady Yannike Prescott

Yannike's a little unsure as to just how calculated this is. The vista remains everything you would have thought had you heard Festous' story without the rumors of his past and associates. A simple, good hearted man who'd found himself in the office more by chance than anything, but was still determined to do what was right. It'd be a hard impression to counterfit so well, especially with no warning of her arrival. For all the world, Festous Burgoine seems like a good natured public official.

He is a charming man. And yet, if you believe Lord Todd, he is also a man with a crazed murdurer of a brother roaming the streets. It is undoubtedly the younger Burgoine that is set to haunt Yannike's nightmares after this encounter; a man who can kill a priest has little else left to fear. If he is truly still alive, and he answers to his brother, Festous has a skilled killer on the streets, awaiting his command.

Yannike's eyes follow the orc girl as she leaves, and she nods slowly alongside Festous' words "Perhaps she has something on her mind." Like the death of Burgomaster Todd, perhaps. Yannike shelved that thought for the moment, still smiling pleasently to the girl's new master. "Would you object if I talked with her a little, after we are done? I'll be gentle, I promise."

Burgomaster Burgoine

I'd say that's more for her to decide than myself, but you're welcome to ask.

The slave girl was busily pouring a second cup of tea for Yannike, after she had undoubtedly straightened up the area in a hurry. As they entered she dropped her eyes to the floor and made a swift exit.

Festous took a seat and offered one to Yannike. While charming, he wasn't overly formal, and he did have a certain air about him of accessibility.

So tell me, what is on your mind Lady Yannike Prescott of Stormrend?

Lady Yannike Prescott

"Well, to be blunt, Master Festous, everything."

Yannike smiled to the girl, nodding her head, before returning her grin to Festous. "When confined to your room for three days, whilst the world around you appears to have gone entirely insane, it's best to catch up on all of the chaos rather than going piece by piece. And from what I heard, you're one of the officials whose remained most active throughout this whole affair. If anyone would be in possession of the facts, it would be you. And if possible, I'd prefer to learn all the facts."

With that, she manages a grin, before continuing. "But perhaps the best place to start is at the beginning. Do you know just what happened at the Masque, or any part of it? I've heard... mixed reports." She watches the Burgomaster closely at this point, waiting to try and see just how he reacts.

Burgomaster Burgoine

Firstly, you are mistaken, I have only taken this office recently, so although I've been in the city for years and know it as my home, I've only been acting in this office for a few days. Before that I was just a peasant that got by on the charity of others. Now I am still getting by on the charity of others, but they seem to want me to wear nicer clothes these days. It was actually during the Masque that my predecessor found himself dead. I was appointed shortly thereafter.

The answer to your question about the Masque though, that depends on who's asking and who's telling. I wasn't there personally though, so I only know what I've heard. The events at the Masque are a bit of a controversy you see, one that is important enough to hang men, women and children over while the bodies of their fellow countrymen burn. As you might suspect, there are many views, all of which are polarized, and as an appointed official, I'm not afforded an opinion on the matter.

Dice Roll: 3d6
d6 Results: 5, 1, 3 (Total = 9)
history 10

Yannike also heard a rumor recently that Festous lost both of his sons in the riots.

Lady Yannike Prescott

Yannike smiles just a little at Festous' words, briefly recalling a rumor she'd heard the servants talking of yesterday about the Burgomaster's sons. She tries to look reassuring. "Do not undersell yourself, sir. A few days with power can be very important, if they are the right ones. I'm sure you've been good for the city, in your way"

She did sigh a little as their talk moved to the matter of the immediate. This was less charming, a return to politics. "I understand the problems in talking about the Masque. But I'm not asking for an opinion on what happened, why, who or how, I'm talking in pure terms of physicality, Burgomaster. Half the Senate was there, is there no consistency to the accounts provided?" She'd found some going over the accounts after Tine'd received them, but it'd be interesting to see just what the official had to say

Burgomaster Burgoine

In an official capacity, the details are rather minimal. There was a murder on the stage of a noted Opera singer. She was killed by a tall man. There was symbols of gnostics painted in her blood and there was full on panic, several were trampled to death. After that a fire and the man was killed, his body destroyed utterly in his execution.

There are also as many rumors about the situation as there was sets of eyes and speculating isn't something I can do.

Why are you at all curious about this and why come to me rather than go to the Margrave or a friend of yours in the senate?
he added.

Dice Roll: 3d6
d6 Results: 5, 2, 1 (Total = 8)
persuade 9

As Festous spoke Yannike could tell the burgomaster had already come to that curiosity, probably when she first arrived but waited until she primed the question adequately. With his charisma and social intuitiveness that she'd picked up on, Festous was likely several steps ahead of her in the conversation, steering her towards things he wanted her to reveal. Why a man with such a gifted tongue was a peasant and criminal was quite a mystery.

Lady Yannike Prescott

Yannike is honestly curious on one point; the Gnostic symbols in blood. She hadn't heard that part before, at least not from a credible source. However, before she can bring it up, the Burgomaster twists the subject quickly round to another topic; her reasons for asking. Point for point then For a commoner, not only was the man charming, he was quick. Yannike, sighing a little, decides upon the honest approach... more or less. "You overestimate me, sir. My only 'friend in the Senate' is Count Tine, and he's rather busy these days. Beyond him... Well, of course there was the option of the Margrave, or a guardsman, but as you say, everyone had their own set of eyes and ears. Everyone speculates. I wanted to find the man with the best memory, and you went from commoner to Senate member because of this. If anyone could be relied upon for the truth..."

Of course, she doesn't talk about Bismute, or any of the many less than flattering rumours about how this 'common, simple man' gained his position. The full truth was simpler; Yannike wanted to talk to the Burgomaster because he was Bismute's appointed, and she wanted to know what she was supposed to be told. And... she'd kind of hoped that the man was a little worse at keeping secrets than this. She manages a smile "If it makes you feel any more comfortable with the questions, sir, I was intending to stop by here anyway. Formal introduction, ect. Questions are partially a bi-product of being cooped up in the embassy for several says"

Her Ladyship looks towards the window before continuing. "Though, to be fair, not entirely. The other reason I'm curious... well, why is everyone else curious? So many people dead, the city on the point of anarchy, war, or XYZ knows what else. My family aren't going to be any more pleased than the rest of the country."

She glances towards her signet for a second, thinking of home; high walls and good company, before continuing. Yannike was starting to surprise herself by how honest she was being here, but it wasn't overly important. These were not points people could truly contest. "Thus, I do what I can to make sure the information that reaches Count Tine's ears is accurate, and complete. Before I was involved in mediation, but only for more minor matters. This is how I can best serve my city and the crown, so this is the route I take"


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