Burgomaster Burgoine

Festous' eyes squinted some, as if he were appraising her.

Ah, but there is no crown, and to serve your city, you must serve it's agendas. I'm familiar with them. Stormrend is pushing to get a larger slave market shipment in Dormogouge to increase their political alliances there as the maneuver will mean increased trade and potentially more access to the capital if they can convince Dormogouge to use the slaves to build a better road between the two cities. It's not a terribly advanced plan, but it won't work if the capital goes up in flames. What then, do you suspect a lobbyist's aid would do?

While it was impressive that Festous knew the agenda of her native city, being able to dissect the reasoning behind it was rather incredible for someone who had just stepped into politics. He didn't have it down perfectly, but he certainly knew what he was talking about, enough so that if he wanted he could sour the deal by spoiling the news to Dormogouge, and as far as Yannike knew, only she and Tine were privy to the motivation behind the slavery agenda. He obviously didn't want to sour the deal though, or he would have already.

The question Festous closed with though, was barbed and edged; not in delivery but in intent. He directly backed her into a corner and was saying loud and clear that he knew she had other motives to being here than she was letting on and he wasn't about to take any chances on a random visitor regardless of how pretty, educated or wealthy she was. Festous might as well have screamed out that he could not be bought by her, nor twisted and deceived. It was her opportunity to come clean with him or play coy and both of them to walk away knowing she'd failed in any potential deception and that he would remember this visit next time she came calling. His face seemed to talk far more than he did.

Lady Yannike Prescott

That one hurt, and surprised Yannike. It took her a few seconds to take it in, in fact. She was here to help Stormrend keep the peace; she wasn't a lobbyist. She knew about the economics plan, but only because she was here, and Tine needed to ensure she was nice to the Dormogouge representatives when at dinner. But that wasn't important now, was it? Just one part of Stormrend's agenda, squarely secondary to keeping the kingdom intact. Was the Burgomaster seriously suggesting that she was more focused on slave shipments than her stated goals?

No, he was trying to show her. Show her that he wasn't available, or open to manipulation. Was that how the man'd interpreted her visit? Why on earth would Yannike've been sent for that? No, the man was simply trying to get at her... and succeeding. Still, he wanted the truth, and it wasn't too damaging to let him have it. Her smile now a little more forced, Yannike began, slowly, carefully, ice leaking through every word. "To be honest, Burgomaster, what any sane person should be doing now, irrespective of agenda, is trying to calm the city. And preferably the Senate along with it. There are a hundred thousand rumours flying every which way, and a hundred thousand flaming arrows might be less destructive. Just this morning I was told that Senator Bismuthe was working towards conversion, and I didn't hear that through petty gossip."

She considered giving the Ambassador's name, but decided on reflection best to not, this was still not someone to trust that far, and she didn't wish the ginger peacock dead. Still, that is not the focus of this discussion. Her focus on the Burgomaster remains, strong and unblinking. "I don't know if it's true, or not, but imagine what that'd do if it was repeated. The great banker no longer trusts the Mark. It wasn't that hard a rumour to find. I didn't even seek it out. Hopefully, you had a harder job finding out about the Dormogouge situation."

Slowly, her voice is starting to get a little faster, a little louder, irritation at Festous dying away, to be replaced with honest fervor towards her goal. Yannike might've been raised a noble, but before that, she was a Prescott. Her family'd been warriors since Vaorren's fall, fire and passion. You can see it in her voice now, and her eyes. "If this situation's going to get any better, for the city or the kingdom, we need truth, some kind of certainty that everyone can buy into, stand behind. We need to know what happened, why it happened, and what's going to happen next. You were appointed in the midst of chaos and anarchy, and if you listen to the rumours, were responsible for the death of your predecessor. I don't know how you stand politically; I could guess, but I don't know how anyone stands at this point. Still, if anyone understands the perils of rumour, and how important truth is likely to be in the coming days...."

She leaves it at that, her pitch hopefully made. She'd lost control of herself a little there, but the words came from the heart, and hopefully the Burgomaster can appreciate that. Chaos truly would hurt everyone in the Kingdom, even Bismute in the long run, and certainly the lesser players. Even if Festous did serve the Slavemaster, even if he had slain her predecessor, he...

Oh merciful... did I truly just outright say that he's rumoured to have killed Todd?

The look on Yannike's face at that realization would have been priceless, had the situation not been quite so dark. Niquette for one would probably have laughed.

Burgomaster Burgoine

Well, you can rest your conscious. I did not kill Todd. I didn't have any love for him either, he's half the reason the things got so bad to begin with as he snorted and smoked more than his share of taxes and that didn't help much with the book keeping. If someone didn't kill him he would have done it to himself a few more years anyhow, but the fact remains that I did not order him dead or kill himself nor insinuate such a thing should happen. If I did I'd be no better than the dogs in the senate fighting over scraps in the junkyard. Of course, that's probably just what an accuser would expect me to say. he snuck in a wry smile with that last line.

If what you say about the mark is true, there is not much that can be done to honorably fix the situation. I'll give it my all, but Tormauz is more than my home. The city is my love and I won't let her die without a fight... pending proof on your claims of course.

He took a sip of his tea.

You say we need truth, some kind of certainty that everyone can buy into, stand behind. We already have those things, you've just been looking in the wrong spots. The people of the city, not the nobles, are the true heart and soul and they, as a whole, are far more resilient than you or I and don't waste time bickering in pointless meetings that solve nothing. Right now action is needed and the city is alive contrary to what it looks like. Festous glanced out his window where a light snow fell over the city and the streets were empty.

What you are trying to find is out there, you've just been going about it the wrong way. Have you ever tried to connect to the people? Perhaps if you tried some charity and instead of aiding the poor, listened to and respected them in your service, you'd see there's a lot more going on out there than you realize.

Lady Yannike Prescott

Yannike's first reaction is outright shock. She wasn't expecting the man to speak so directly, about either his predecessor, or the senate. At points, she has to restrain herself from chuckling, however. Her tea is now a method of gaining a little time to think, more than a means of refreshment, though after a few seconds, Yannike does answer, just about managing a slight grin. "I listen to everyone, I'd have said. And respect them, too. One of my closest friends in the city has precious little in the way of money, or lineage. But then again, that's what any child of nobility would say, isn't it?" She manages a smile, but doesn't chuckle not for her own joke. "Honestly, it's been a little hard to talk to people these last few days. Even when I don't have two templars deciding to 'guard' me,."

She holds up a hand, quickly and with her tone growing more serious as she continues. "But I do take your point. Most people are guessing reasons for the riot, trying desperately to make an explanation that fits their goals. But that's not as important as making sure it doesn't continue to happen. If the city remains calm, the Senate might follow, at least to some degree. From there, with fewer worried Senators, more possibilities arise for action"

Which doesn't resole the Attreides question one little bit. Still, if there's one rumor that can be written off, it's that one. Typical doomsayer nonsence, massive armies on the horizion, ect, ect.

Yannike sips her tea, pondering the idea of 'talking to people', as Festous'd suggested. Just... head into an inn, try to strike up a conversation? Could that work? She'd never really met many common people, bar servants, of course, and Elyria. Elyria was good company, well spoken. Hell, even the new Burgomaster was formerly a commoner. Perhaps it'd just be like that, just... talking. That could work.

But still, one point remained. Yannike manages a grin towards the old plotter sitting opposite, her lips still to her tea cup "I'm a little intrigued though. What, exactly, is going on that I don't realize? I'm going to take a guess that you know; given your rather acute knowledge of Stormrend's political agenda."

Burgomaster Burgoine

Insightful too, and clever with your words. You might just do something important before this is all over.

Like I said, there's good people out there. I've been their neighbor my whole life and have been proud to serve them any way I could. Good people do good things Lady Prescott, but right now the population is struggling for a voice while the senate struggles to choke the life out of the city with their bickering. Right now isn't a time for talk, it's a time for heroes, men and women to step forward and do something right, not because it's proffitable, or because it furthers their political agendas, but because that's what's best for the country, and if they don't succeed the best case scenario is a totalitarian regime under the church and Bismuthe. I assume you've heard about the civilian casualties under the martial law search and seizures? You might not have, it's been kept intentionally quiet, but ask any templar how they feel about what's going on, and find any civilian and ask them about the hangings. You'll see it's not a pretty picture.

Everyone has their own motives for where they'd like to see the city. I for one would like to see it in peace and prosperity and I can say that while retaining full dignity. What exactly are you motivated to see the city turn into? Answer that question and you'll have found your voice.

Lady Yannike Prescott


This one does seem to puzzle Yannike a little, and require some introspection on her part. When it comes, her words are slow, and she too has to look towards the window, at least at first. These words are personal, highly personal. It's been a while since Yannike's spoken as herself, rather than as an emissary of Stormrend. "A very good question. I'm not sure on the answer. I... didn't come here for the city, I came for myself To try and escape my family's shadow a little, show Brother I could be useful. I never expected..."

She turns back, unable to continue, but Festous can guess the rest from her eyes. Yannike'd never seen bloodshed, death or destruction of any note before the day of the Masque. It was a harrowing thing to witness for the first time, and now... now her choices were do nothing, run away and feel like a coward, or jump straight towards all the problems that were sweeping the Capitol, and had claimed so many lives. That was not an easy choice to make, even for one who was starting to take the first steps of doing so.

Trying to remain at least somewhat cheery, Yannike manages a mild grin for Festous. "You'll forgive me if I don't answer that question, at least not yet. But I can think of a fair few things I don't want this city to become. In that at least, we would appear to be on the same side"

Gulping at her tea, apparently to try and burn away the memories of what'd come before, Yannike continues in rather more cheered mood. "People need a voice... Well, the first step towards that is listening to them, is it not? I'm not exactly influential, but I've spoken with a few senators in my time. I'm no great ambassador, or mighty hero, but my skills, and time, such as they are, I'd happily place towards that end."

She's not quite sure what the Burgomaster meant about heroes. She hadn't heard of any such figures; was that what he wanted her to try and find? Still, once again, she manages a grin for the man. "Do you have any suggestions, sir? Or advice? I fear you stepped away from my question back there, just a little"

Burgomaster Burgoine

Indeed I do, but I fear to give it. I am a man of the people. My new position was designed to disolve that relationship. Now I have spies and nobles and a mix of both with agendas lobbying my attentions for privalage. While I am not accusing you directly, you will understand sending a beautiful young woman to curry favor through mild service is a likely technique of those that might manipulate my office for their own ends. While a do get a good feeling about your character, I must admit to myself that I am firmly out of my realm of experience and that makes caution a necessity. I never particularly trusted most nobles before, though it seems the time has come where I must avail myself of allies... but... I owe it to the people to represent their interests responsibly. You understand my hesitation, of course.

Lady Yannike Prescott
Yannike sighs, smiling gently to the Burgomaster. He's being a little more personal now, more direct, and it's hard not to respect that. "I understand, though again, you sell yourself short sir. If nothing else, I appreciate your advice, and will act upon it."

She gets to her feet, bowing her head politely "For what it's worth, so long as your goal is to protect and help the city, you have me as an ally." She manages a grin, before turning away. She's got a lot to do at this point, and no real place to start, beyond a little vague advice. Still, there've been worse places to begin to work from

Burgomaster Burgoine

It is good to have friends. he said simply.

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1:3:1: Laryiem, Jhya, Wynn

At the House of Joy...

Mood Music

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

-Nikopal Endozah, Philosopher, Khenzil keep

It had been a long night, and rest was welcome for the weary travellers. Some turned with frightening visions of grisly reminders, others slack jawed and drooling, completely unreachable in their exhaustion.

Laryiem was stirred first as the kitchen seemed to come to life in the early afternoon. The girls wandered around cleaning up, washing themselves and cooking some breakfast. It seemed the night's clientele had vanished while she was asleep.

Dice Roll: 3d6
d6 Results: 2, 2, 1 (Total = 5)

The girls seemed to avoid Laryiem, their reaction to her seemed to be as if she was some new cat on the premises, potentially more competition, none of them offered her any assistance or food, a couple seemingly made catty comments about her that were just beyond her ears. As Laryiem rose to her feet and got her bearings she noticed firstly that Kef was gone, and secondly that the gray haired man from before was now passed out in the pantry were Kimly had been sleeping previously. He didn't seem to notice the noise of the house enough to let it interrupt his sleep and the girls politely stepped around him and kept hushed in the kitchen. Laryiem noted her side hurt terribly, her back was sore and she wasn't particularly rested.


Jhya and Wynn had found a room upstairs. Wynn had taken the bed and Jhya tried to sleep, or meditate but found that he couldn't at first... as the sun crept up higher though, he found himself drawn to it, and much to Wynn's dismay Jhya opened the shutters and was finally able to get to rest while meditating cross legged in the light of the sun. Wynn put the other pillow over his head and hoped the filthy room didn't have rats.

Jhya awoke first, completely refreshed and revitalized, feeling the sun's warm glow inside of him, easing his mood considerably in spite of the horrors of the night before. As he rose, he even noticed a bit of spring in his step.

ooc: It is 4pm roughly and the air is cold, with a biting draft. A light snow is on the ground.


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