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Fair enough some random ones off the top of my head.

- School dress code(Everyone ignores it)
- Those not there at first bell are assumed absent for the day.
- Truancy rule of some sort so the SCT can have adventures chasing people through the halls.
- Since its M&M we could make everyone go costume at night and make anyone caught outside the dorm at night eligible for punishment
- Any information transfer off the island not okayed by the student council is punishable with expulsion.
Need to get an image for a uniform we can use. If you've watched Ranma 1/2 (Season 4 I think?) where the new principle comes in and starts setting dress codes and hair styles that must be adopted by all students. I see this as an awesome idea.

How about those not there at firs bell must report to a specific room on the opposite side of he campus. Then we can have a broken bell that forces everyone to have to do this daily. This way everyone is lways late to class and then they must b punished with lines and detention for being late. Could be entertaining. Of course, I suppose there will be days the bell is working but if we vary the sound the bell makes thn nobdy ever really knows and if we adjust the volume then not veryone my hear it.

Anyone who is caught appin or not attending class without valid reason will be hunted. This way, if anyone hs a valid reason, it never reaches the people at the school who ned to receive it.

No costumes but maybe set a curfew and youneed written permission from a teacher in order to get out at night. This should encourage student to forge teacher signatures. I like this.

Agreed with last.

Seemslike a good enough starting point.

So, shall we go with this then?

After all, rules are made to be broken. In the end, it's down to th individual to choose whether to obey the rules or not but either way there will be consequences. Maybe there will be people who try to obey th rules and get punished while those who undermine the rules may even get away with it. Similar to Evans and his Ethics class in away.

1) No damage to school property.
2) No damage to any other property on the island.
3) Students must listen to their teachers and do as they're told.
4) Obey the School Council and abide by their decisions.
5) No killing.
6) When at school, wear the uniform.
7) If you arrive at school after the first bell you will be required to register your lateness at the School Records Office, provide a valid reason for lateness with proof of the reason if needed so that you can be issued a late form, which can then be countersigned by your teacher when you arrive at class.
8) No napping while at school.
9) No avoiding classes at school unless there is a valid reason, which has been approved by the school.
10) Get a pass from the teacher if you have a valid reason to need to leave the class while in session, including to use the toilet or visit the medicalunit to be seen by the nurse.
11) Be in your dormitory rooms by 10pm at the latest every night and remain in your dormitories. If there is need to be outside of the dormitories at night outside the set times then authorisation from a teacher is required.
12) No leaking any information about the island or the school or what goes on to the outside world or you will be expelled from school.
13) Treat those around you as if they were your family.

So, here's a consolidated list of the rules we seem to have so far with some minor adjustments. What do you think?

Also, we need to establish a uniform policy so that people are aware of what is expected. Any ideas of images that we could use for the uniform?

Also, I came up with this as a basis for a floor plan of the dormitories. Just thought something like this may be handy.

Obviously there would be separate dorms for the boys and girls but they can have the same floor plan in my opinion. Also, can have multiple boys' dorms and multiple girls' dorms with each dorm having 5 floors perhaps.

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Hmm... should I make my character new to the school, or have him be returning... I think returning would work better considering he's on student council (and, as an idea for a dorm room, he 'built' his own dorm room (more of a mini-mansion, I'll figure out whats in it later ) on the rooftop of the boy's dorms, and a private elevator to get to it... provided thats not too far out there (and if the elevator seems too high tech, they actually arent very high tech at all... but still willing to drop it down to a fire-escape kind of thing) strike that, even better, an elevator-lookalike, but its really Create-powered (specifically the Moveable extra of it, which he'll still have some baseline power in Create during the day to be able to use said elevator) needless to say, he doesn't get unwanted visitors)
--the reason its on top of the dorms instead of taking up an entire level like Megumi, is that he likes staying relatively off the grid, being above the 'normal' 5 levels of the dorms provides that to him, thus the unmarked and somewhat-unknown-about additional level... as far as the records state, he 'lives on campus'

(gonna wait for the OK for this/parts of it before I post in the pre-game)

Yes, returning.

So you want your own mini mansion on top of the Dorms?

Sounds entertaining so we'll go with it and why not have a secret elevator access point somewhere that only you have access to. Just imagine people seeing you walk through the dorms and then suddenly disappear. I like that.

Sylas, if you want to then feel free to draw up some sort of plan of your mini mansion.

Also, how is the character generating going?

Also, when are we going to have your character info/background sorted Sylas?

Just trying to get an idea of time frames here.

Also, as a note. I was planning on having some sort of either High Tech / Psionic Criminal just appear in the dorms during the first night soon to be followed by members of a Law Enforcement Agency where they will all be from another dimension. I thought this would make for an interesting starting point. This appearance will register a isturbance from the dorms that should encourage the teachers to get involved. So, what do you think?

It'll be like a night of cops and robbers with the students and teachers caught up in the middle of it all.

Robber plans sounds cool. Since I'm supposed to coordinated the teachers I suppose I should go figure out how many PC ones we have.

I have my build up at time of this post for you to look over and the rest will of my stuff will get their final posts up throughout today.

Well so far there is only one PC teacher played by Krimson. Therefore, there will be a need to generate NPC teachers. I suppose people prefer playing chaotic students........

If you can come up with some NPC teachers you'd be happy to run then that will help get the numbers up.

Well, I thought the whole cop / robber thing would be an entertaining starting point for the first night to get all the players involved in some silly action. Start off with a light tone to just get in to it all.

Sylas can have fun with all the students and create any NPC students.

Me, I'll run the cops and robbers. Just have to create them.....

Oh wow my mistake I though Co-Dms got a few extra points not two whole power levels on everyone. Missed that in the character creation thread. I'll up my build tonight and have a fixed one up tomorrow. I'll also start working on some more teacher npcs.

That's because those in positions of power are granted extra power by the Demonic energies of the Headmaster. That's the reason you're much stronger.


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