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Sylas, I'll need your help in sorting out all the school clubs that need to be worked on. If you can come up with some NPCs who will be in charge of the clubs.

Also, for the both of you, feel free to drop in NPCs in to the dorms and apartments whenever you like. Got to give the PCs some people to interact with.

Wow thats a lot of clubs. Anyway I have my updaated sheet up now. Guess I better start working on my openning speech now. When does Evans go up, after the principal or after Jake?

It would seem a more prudent decision to put the teacher up before the student.

Well the school has a lot of clubs considering it's basically involved in catering for everything. I just decided to generate a list earlier.

didn't know student council had to make speeches... I wonder what Jake's gonna say...

I'll make up some characters for the school clubs then... hopefully I won't have too many weirdos (although that might be what we're going for, in which case, you're gonna get em )

That's fine. This is why I brought you on board. My brain can only do so much and would no doubt become extremely repetitive, another person livens things up a bit and stops me from influencing absolutely everything, especially when there are going to be lots of NPCs in this setting.

And yes, I am trying to add an emphasis of diversity and weirdness to it all. Wouldn't be as much fun for the players otherwise.

Excellent, our first unhappy student.......

ok, 2 more club ideas (and yes, these are two very different things, I don't really care who you talk to), Parkour Club and Freerunning Club. Jake will probably be in the Parkour club, seeing as he's got good physical abilities, he's might have to use it during the day to catch troublemakers (and, added bonus, use Create to give him that extra handhold and the like )
better yet, have a Parkour Club the first semester, then we'll have a group of 'rebels' that leave Parkour, and make their own Freerunning Club.

(and for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, parkour is the skill (some consider it an artform) of traversing obstacles with speed and efficiency. Freerunning is almost exactly like parkour, but adds in moves for self-expression, or to show off (or whatever you want to call it). --If you're interested in my personal standpoint towards them, I practice neither, although I'd prefer to learn some parkour (but I'm not against freerunning at all, I'm all for self-expression, I just don't like the concept of doing extra flips that might make you lose your handhold 20-30 some odd feet from the ground ) and that's the standpoint Jake's going to have too )

I suppose having 2 separate clubs that are so similar creates some healthy competition between people in both clubs and we all know where competition can lead to at times.........Fights.

Maybe we should add a Skateboarding club too, maybe some Rollerblading. So many things to consider.

Ok Sylas, looks like Adel is coming to visit you about the school rules on the uniform. We don't bend the rules at this school, so remember that. Let's start the fun around here.

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