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Since I just realized I never formally asked, can Jake have a leather duster and an eye-patch?
(IDK, I guess I'm just obsessed with my characters having the large overcoat makes em more mysterious-looking... also stand-out-ish. The eyepatch (is 'new', although if I like it, it might have to become a recurring theme for me ) is because it helps whichever eye he's covering with it already be attuned to darkness, thus (in theory) giving him better natural night vision (as an example, look at eyepatch on wikipedia, specifically the bit about sailors and pilots))

I have no issue in how you want your character to look.

thanks I just wanted to check since the duster doesn't exactly follow the uniform (granted, the duster would only cover the uniform... so I guess it kinda doesn't matter)

Jake is supposed to be a member of the School Council, that gives him privileges that other students don't have. Also, I'm expecting you to respond to Adel and Sam now as they've come to see Jake.

Also, feel free to post up your own clubs and NPCs in the forum, you don't have to wait on me for permission to do stuff. The reason you're here is mainly to create stuff and run NPCs.

.... I gotta think up a good 'not allowed' speech for Adel... I think something along the lines of "The School Rules may not be altered, removed, or added to, no matter the situation that may or may not arise, previously exist, or have the potential to exist, without a majority vote in the student council, and approval of the Headmaster. No exceptions are made for case-by-case bases." I don't know... too soft? too harsh? need some outside thought/input on this (after all, I don't want to make my character look like he's a heartless sod on the first day of school... he's only heartless when it comes to actual rulebreakers... himself excluded, not that he'd intentionally break them... )
of course, I could also add in at the end 'although that might have been the rules from two years ago' to turn it into a slightly more hopeful situation for Adel, granted, he's still probably going to end up trying to be nice and hinting that wearing something *under* the micro-skirt (ie longer skirt) might not technically currently be against the rules -- or modifying the wheelchair a bit... but if you're against that, I wont

edit: and since even that isn't making straight sense (to me, at least) right now, boiled down version is: he'll say 'sorry, can't really change the rules for case-by-case', then (may or may not, up to you) suggest it might be possible to 'bend' the rule slightly, and then possibly directing her to a female member of the student council (which I have yet to name)

edit2: or, of course, Jake could suggest that she could join the student council, seeing as they get the bonus of a 'modified' uniform...

idk, maybe I'm just thinking too much... need a few more dots... .................. ... dot dot dot... ok, goin to sleep for now before I end up posting something that'll manage to sound even weirder (or dumber, or possibly both) than this hopefully I'll have figured it out by morning

As I stated, it's down to the Corporations to elect people to the School Council and right now the limit is just the 3 of us due to the fact that it's part of controlling information. Jake would know that he's not permitted to simply invite people to join the School Council.

You don't have to be necessarily harsh and the rules can change at any moment so there may have been different rules last year or even last month in a sense. You only need to remind people that these are the rules and breaking rules means consequences so it's not like the rules must be obeyed, just that there are consequences if rules are not obeyed. Apart from that, remember that the rules exist in a way to make people want to break them, which is all part of the fun.

I would say, see if you can talk around the subject without providing a specific answer the way politicians never answer questions properly and instead turn answering a question in to basically saying whatever they want and making it seem like they answered a question even if it had no relation to the question they were actually asked.

... I like this plan...

edit: short and to the point... I like it, personally, granted, might be a little too blunt, skipping the rules part...

Well, as you said, the uniform is to be worn at school. This way it's left to Adel to determine the boundaries of what actually classifies as 'at school'.

Ok then, Belul, I leave you to respond to Aoki when he enters your Office.

Quick update on NPC creation? (No need to panic, just asking)

Also, feel free to post anything you want in to the day. You don't have to leave absolutely everything down to me. Feel free to add to a scene if you want or just have some NPCs appear. I really don't mind.

So, it would seem Adel is heading for the number 1 trouble maker spot.

It should be fun when she finds out that any formal complaint made will just get lost in the system of bureaucracy never to be seen again.

It's lucky that this island isn't actually considered part of any other country, therefore, this island operates under its own system of laws. Should be fun when she finds out she can't sue the school. I can imagine the frustration and anger building now.

Also, where does it say that being disabled means you can't follow the rules. All we said was that there was a uniform code and she thinks because she's disabled that gives her extra rights. This island hasn't signed up to any international conventions on Human Rights or any other Acts.

hmm... insulting a Co-GM in the middle of a public area... should he walk up behind her... nah, I think he'll just visit the assembly hall a little early, thinking off of that mention of the speaker being shot at (sadly, don't remember exactly where, but I know its floating around here somewhere), he might set up a few layers of invisible/semi-corporeal (go go Subtle+Selective!) barriers to protect whoever's speaking from thrown raw eggs and the like... (its amazing what some people bring to speeches, huh?)

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