Part 2: Exploring the Greenbelt (Group 1)

Part 2: Exploring the Greenbelt (Group 1)

Back at Olegs the hard though quick battle at the morning was still evident in the wounds some of you had, though the mess of blood would take a bit to be removed from Oleg's yard as well.

Vortek mostly by himself made sure the dead bandits had some sort of burial, the meal you had for breakfast was plentiful and both Oleg and Svetlana found worrying and odd that half of you went in pursuit of the lone bandit.

It's been some hours past midday and those that look out towards the forest find no sing on Brunhilde and the others, it seems their hunt will take more than a few days...

A Slightly Inebriated Magnolia

Magnolia tries to comfort Oleg. "My good man, have no worries. Our companions are not only capable of dealing with those rogues, but they would consider an affront to their honor had we joined them in their pursuit. And should they come upon any troubles, well, I am a WiZarD you know, and I am capable of understanding the mysteries of the universe, and I should ensure that we come to their assistance should such an unthinkable thing happen." He waves his hand dismissively. "As for the rest of us, we're about to go after this Stag Lord chap and give him a right proper thrashing for causing the good men of this region to become bandits. Can't have rogue lords running around, now can we?" It's odd, but one can almost see capitalization and colors when he speaks.

Magnolia enjoys the meals, eating his share (and anyone else's available shares). He then prepares Henry, his old/new mule, for the journey to look for trouble (preferably not, in fact, the Stag Lord).

-12GP for assuming ownership of one of the mules (assuming someone gets rid of a mule), a bridle, saddle, and saddlebags of used nature.


Assuming all of the work is done, Itomo will sit and finish his meal with his companions. Before too much time passes he broaches the subject of starting the exploration of the Greenbelt. "I think it's time we start to think about what's next. I don't mean who is getting the next round but the actual purpose we are here for. It's in are best interest to start to familiarize ourselves with the immediate surroundings, particularly if we are going to base out of the Fort for some time. As such I suggest we begin to reconnoiter the surrounding lands this afternoon.

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Skapti sits on the far end of the table, Dog at his feet lapping at a bowl of ale. The barbarian is idly kicking his feet, humming to himself, and between pulls on the ale within occasionally offering a word or two of admonition to Happ's skull. He looks bored.

He looks up at this talk of the Stag Lord, "No we can not! And we need steal he name for you!" He plonks down the skull -which now empty, rolls down the table- and stands, waving a dismissive hand at Itomo's suggestion. "FEH! Re-con-oiter later, there killing to do! We can look at lands as we go by to kill bandit!"

A Slightly Inebriated Magnolia

Magnolia says, "Reconnoiter is Elven for, Eat the souls of the fallen foes, and was used several times in the play, On Fields of Dead Bodies, by the famous elven poet Longearred Killemalltree."

"That said, I agree, let's be off and find things for you to kill, Skapti."

Magnolia looks at Oleg and says, "A little help, here?" He's having the damndest time getting the bridle on the mule, and Henry seems to be out for Magnolia's blood.

Oleg walks up to Magnolia seemingly seeing the horns on him for the first time, a little taken aback he says nothing and helps the wizard set Henry with his gear.

"So, you planning to head East right? if you meet Bokken say hi to him for me, he's a bit 'strange' on the head but he's good at making potions, I bought the ones I had for sale here from him"

A Slightly Inebriated Magnolia

Magnolia almost looks thankful at the properly bridled Oleg. "Bokken, eh? How does he deal with the bandits?"

"He doesn't, not that I know of anyway, he's what you'd call a hermit and slightly mad to boot, I figure the bandits don't know of him or don't care" Oleg responds


Standing next to Oleg, and listening to him respond to Magnolia's question, Itomo asks "What else can you tell us about the surrounding area? Are their any other "forts" or outposts of civilization or problem spots that we should be aware of?"
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"I've never traveled south from here, usually keep myself here to tend the fort, but trappers and hunters do tell from time to time this or that" Thinking for a bit Oleg recalls "There say there used to be a bridge crossing the Shrike River to the southeast, but bandits ruined it. They say the old bridge keeper Davik Nettles haunts the place now. Creepy stuff"

"Some trappers also claim that fey people inhabit the forests, trickster and pranksters, at one time a friend of mine had to return naked all the way here, poor lad, I hear he's farming up north now."


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