Private Chat - Keramane

Private Chat - Keramane

This is where you can talk privately to us GMs about stuff.

Hm, it's not student counsel, but could Megumi be Class President? Or is that a counsel position after all?

Well, there would be multiple classes so I don't see why there wouldn't be such positions. It would have nothing to do with the school council and would be down to the class you're in and whether or not they would elect you. There would probably be new class president elections at the beginning of every school year.

I don't see why Megumi couldn't run for class president.

It would probably require you nominating yourself and getting someone to second the nomination, which would then be followed by a vote in class between the different nominees where the winner would then become class president for the class.

So, out of curiosity, when would Megumi have first appeared on the island?

Likely just after the first signs of weirdness started to actively show up. Maybe a week or so of 'monsters' followed by her.

Just to elaborate on the weirdness of the island, I sort of have a pseudo-understanding of why things are all wacky and stuff, since I've gone and sewn it into my backstory and all... I was intending on passing it by you first, but I forgot, so lets do that now, see what you think of this idea, if it's at all similar to your own.

The way I've sort of got it in my head, there's some nexus of supernatural energy on/in/under/around the Bermuda Triangle. A wierding battery that pulses with formless energy that, without thought to direct it, just remains in a contained if chaotic state. Sort of like a primordial soup of paranormal energy.

Once humanity stepped into the area, things changed. Humanity possesses a strong, sentient mind, one constantly thinking, even during rest. There are areas of the mind that remain off-limits to conscious thought. These areas exude an energy, similar to... well, think of it like a smoke-filled box with holes in it. The smoke will slowly seep out of the box, polluting the area around the box, but for whatever comes out, something else will go in, be it air or another box's smoke. This smoke - which I'll call a psionic field, for simplicity's sake - interacts with other fields in random ways, occasionally sending particularly sensitive people signals along an otherwise inaccessible sense. This can be seen in the metaphorical sixth sense or intuition, the mind drawing information from one of these areas of the brain as influenced by the way its psionic field is altered or adjusted by happenings in the world around it.

Now, when a psionic field - literally seeping subconscious will - entered the Bermuda Triangle - a place of pulsing paranatural power - the two reacted with each other. The paranatural essence of the Triangle gave power to those more in tune with their locked off areas of their brain, and the psionic field started to collect and 'evolve' the otherwise inert possible 'life forms' in the paranormal primordial soup.

As such, super powers and monsters.

As far as why everything powers up at night rather than during the day, I dunno, I've not really thought on that so much. Likely it has something to do with the sun's energy oppressing the paranatural field, and the moon empowering it. Likely something tied to pagan worship or some high-powered entities that exist in the two celestial objects.

Anywho, Megami is a monster, just like all the rest. She might be more evolved than some, perhaps more powerful in some respects, but she's still another Para (her term for the 'monsters') like the rest of them.

Assuming whatever nasties we battle are formed in a way similar to Megami's own creation, she wouldn't be aggressive towards them initially, unless they were openly hostile with her. If completely alone with other 'aberrants', she would likely leave them be, perhaps converse. After all, they would effectively be siblings of a sort. In the same way that wild animals of the same species would be when around each other.

That said, should she need to fight and/or destroy them, she would do so without issue.

It's her understanding that nothing is truly destroyed in the Para-Enn (what she's going to refer to the general paranatural-energy-meets-errant-psionic-waves thing that made her), it's simply broken down into base components to be utilized at a later time.

I took Movement: Dimensional with her so that she could step into the Para-Enn whenever she needs to, effectively whatever alternate reality the paranormal oddness exists in.

Oh, and side note: Megami is the name she's actually chosen. Megumi is her 'human' name ^^ So if Paras talk with/at her, and they know her name (which they might), that's what they'd call her.

Ok, where to start, you've clearly been thinking about all of this........... (Also, without giving away too much of the fun of the game, which people are likely to figure out eventually)

To begin with, the magnetic field fluctuations that happen in the region of the Bermuda Triangle are a result of the paranormal energies, simply put, that area of the world is a weak spot where the world interacts with other dimensions/realities and the reaction of those interacting forces/magnetic fields causes intense disruption to the magnetic fields of this world. It's basically the link between this world and others. So, in a sense, that does correlate with your battery thing. The constant clashing of energies from other realities creates that formless energy that can take many shapes and forms. Not only that, but it is also the flow of energy from other worlds/dimensions/relaities that further fuel the clashes of energy, so basically that energy from other worlds and realities leak in to this world in the region of the Bermuda Triangle.

Humans entering the area has a part to play but isn't the whole story. Obviously, people arriving on the island and interacting with these energies has been part of what has allowed progress to happen at such a pace but what has really driven most of the things that happened on the island has been the Headmaster, who you would have known was simply found on the island when it appeared (I think I mentioned that in the character info section). He has demonstrated abilities beyond that of normal people even during the day. It was he who worked with the founding members of the Corporations now established on the island and it was his work that encouraged people to set up on the island. He also encouraged the tourism industry on the island. Obviously, human curiosity has been a factor but the Headmaster has always been the driving force behind most of the things happening. Also, the Headmaster hasn't aged either, he looks exactly the same from the first day he was discovered on the island. It's as if the Headmaster was trying his hardest to encourage as many people as he could to attend the island, including setting up the school to provide a constant flux of people coming to the island, especially such free and young minds.

Again, part of it but not all of it. At night, the instability in the region causes the gap between worlds/realities to widen causing a greater influx of energies from other worlds to emerge in this one. However, as the gap widens, the island becomes drawn towards the other worlds/relaities it is connected to causing it to become unstable and lose syncronicity with the energies of this world, which is why people on the island can't just leave the island. Therefore, it is all of this energy from all of these worlds that supercharges people.

All sorts of people, monsters and whatever would have appeared on many occasions due to the fact that the world is connected to an infinite number of different worlds/realities/dimensions that are all joined in a state of equilibrium during the night. Therefore, the vast majority of things encountered have been in relation to the all sorts of creatures that have emerged in this world from the other worlds who have slipped through the very large hole that now exists between realities. Therefore, not everything that comes through will be from the same place.

However, there is one dimension that seems to have the strongest connection to this world where most of the influx of energy originates from and it is from this dimension where most of the chaotic energy originates. However, it is more a one way flow and impossible to travel to due to the unstable energy flows that occur though over time the connection to this one dimension has ever so slightly become more stabilised as time has moved forward. It's almost as if the island is utilising the energies of all these worlds to attempt to stabilise this connection to that one dimension. It is also the energy from that dimension that greatly resonates with the energy that has created your form.

Hopefully that made some sense...........

It does ^^ I was a bit far off, but it was a parallel line of thought I'd like to think.

I figure that due to The Headmaster's station, Megumi sort of sees him like a father figure, since he's likely the closest thing she could ever have in that regard XD

That said, just to double check, how long ago was the first Para attack/appearance?

You would have experienced all of this from the first night after you were formed. The first attack would have been shortly after so Megumi/Megami would have been about for that. However, it's all sorts of things that go on, not necessarily just attacks, but strange people from other worlds suddenly emerging in this one where some of them aren't a threat and others are.

Even though the people of the island have responded to these attacks, of which they have improved in their ability to deal with things over time and getting used to being supercharged, one thing you will have noticed is that the Headmaster has never lifted a finger to help and he has never been attacked or threatened in any way. Over time, those who have also developed strong ties with the Headmaster have also not been attacked by any of the monsters that appear and seem to leave the monsters alone. Those extremely close to the Headmaster have also demonstrated abilities in excess of the limitations of normal people so they are also gaining extra power from another source.

The Headmaster may have done things to help Megumi knowing what she is but he wouldn't have gone out of his way to develop any sort of relationship with her. He would have just left Megumi to do whatever she wants.

Ah, I see.

Kay then ^^

Although now that I think about it, a lot of the monsters wouldn't have acted aggressively towards Megumi/Megami unless they were provoked.


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