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Re: Megumi's Medical Treatment

I have spoken with my husband on the matter, and we both agree that assigning a youth of your age and inexperience to administer any form of experimental care for our daughter is simply unacceptable. While we will permit you to monitor her health, any experimental treatments are expressly out of the question, for many reasons. Beyond the adverse impact it could immediately have on her health, you may cause lasting harm in the form of deep tissue cysts or organ damage.

We have medical professionals that give routine check-ups and monitor her health, but as albinism is little more than a discomfort, we would rather not take undue risks.

In short, we do not want an inexperienced teen playing doctor with our daughter. If you wish to help, send us analysis of her basic vitals on regular intervals and that will be permissible.

Hayabara Sakura

lol, you haven't even read what Sam has written yet.

True, but that's the gist if there's ANY use of the word experimental in his e-mail :P

The only thing 'they' will let him do is send very basic information to them. Megumi uses her parents as a smokescreen against the school nurse or any doctors. By having them appear to take an active role in her life, they need to be VERY careful with any medical treatments or anything. Everything needs their permission, after all.

Basically, what he's doing to her RIGHT NOW is verymuch against their wishes. The only reason Megumi isn't freaking out is because she assumes it's just some vitamin cocktail or antibiotics or something.

It's also been made clear to staff not to pry in to your affairs. As there's never been any need for emergency treatments, the school respect the wishes of 'your parents' and don't do anything unless specifically requested by you or 'your parents'.

As I said, the Headmaster will do some things to help and being the boss of the school can help.

So.....Megumi's only friend only spends time with her so he can experiment on her and use her as a test subject....what a beautiful

Seems to be the case XD And he thinks she's human, imagine if he discovered her secret >_>

Megumi shook her head lightly at the offer to disrobe and let the girl do as she would for now, focused on the 'Psion'. "If Psions are feared in your homeland, escaping persecution is one thing. Acting out on others in such a manner as to cause pain and suffering simply validates their actions. Furthermore, the 'normals' in our land are not the 'normals' in yours; they have not done anything deserving of any pains or punishment. While you may believe this to be an act of vengence, it appears more and more that you are acting out more as a form of entertainment. Know that if you cause undue harm to students or staff of this school, that I will have to stop you...", she glances at the officer a moment before continuing, "though this officer is outside his jurisdiction and not of this realm, so I cannot place him under the same blanket protection. In the interest of civility, perhaps we may simply cease the verging combat situation and hold a civil discourse? They have some nice tea at the cafeteria."

The criminal shrugs as if not that bothered about what Megumi said, "As I stated, this body is the one that committed the crimes. As for me, I'm just using the body to have some fun. I'll tell you what, if you promise to protect me I'll come along with you and I will not harm any members of staff or students."


The woman moves within range of Kaidin, her eyes begin glowing, she looks in to his eyes with a playful gaze and then seductively starts placing her arms around his body sensually caressing his body with hers. Her eyes glance back to Megumi, "Are you sure you don't want to play dear? We could have so much fun together."

Kaidin just kind of seems frozen in place but seems to be showing signs of enjoying the experience.

"No thank you, I am not interested in such acts as of yet." thinking more on the statement the 'criminal' had made. If it was an entity possessing the body, then should the body be harmed, she would have broken one of her rules. If it was just the culprit lying about matters, then she would be more in the right. Additionally, the officer was barely aware as to what was going on, let alone matters of multiple conscious levels and possible possession.

Leveling her gaze on the 'criminal' she spoke simply on the matter. "If you promise to do no harm to those who inhabit this island and follow the rules and guidelines of this school and the appropriate authorities of this island, then yes, I will harbor you within my available protection."

The criminal nods with a smile on his face as he speaks, "Excellent. We have a deal then. If you go back on your promise I can not be held accountable for the actions I then take."
The criminal walks towards you, "Shall we go and see this cafeteria together then?"

The woman wraps one arm around Kaidin, who still appears to be frozen in place and enjoying the experience, she starts kissing him and a visible energy seems to leave Kaidin's body and enter the woman's mouth like she's sucking the energy out of his body.

"In a moment." Megumi walks over to the woman and grasps her tail before turning and walking towards the cafeteria, pulling the demoness in tow. The officer may be enjoying it, but eating souls is against the rules too.


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