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The woman seems a bit upset as Megumi drags her by the tail though she doesn't resist in any way but instead in a playful yet seductive tone, "My dear, you're simply not playing fair. How is a lady supposed to enjoy herself and have some fun with people like you around? Maybe I could teach you a few things perhaps?"

Kaidin then just falls to the ground collapsing under his own weight as if unable to support himself. He doesn't look like he'll be able to get up any time soon.

The criminal just seems to pay no attention to the situation and speaks to you with a hint of curiosity and excitement in his voice, "Right then, lead the way young lady. Why don't you tell me more about yourself and this school?"

"I am sure you have many skills that I do not personally possess. As of this moment, they are likely skills that I do not yet wish to possess." With that said, she starts to show the pair of them about the school in traditional tour guide fashion, her explanations filled with useful information - if they were prospective students - but otherwise rather bland and uninteresting. She does seem to dodge questions about herself, though, answering with minimal information at best.

She does tell them - when prodded - her full student name, preferred foods, liked television show and most liked classes, but beyond that, she is evasive and will redirect to school matters.

Additionally, the whole walk, she ensures the demoness' tail is always within reach, likely needing to remove her luscious form from various students along the tour.

Lastly, she brings them both to the enrollment office. "If you wish to enroll as a student here, you will need to fill out the appropriate forms here. Staff applications can also be processed here, as you have already been requested to 'enlist'." looking to the criminal. She pauses a moment before asking, "What is your name? glancing to the demoness shortly thereafter as if to pose the same question to her.

The criminal acts rather disinterested about anything mentioned of the school. To him the school was of no interest or importance of which his body language gave this away quite clearly. However, he took the time to ask some personal questions about the students and teachers with a hint of curiosity but made no attempt to push Megumi on anything she wasn't prepared to answer, "Fascinating. Absolutely fascinating. I already told you that I don't have a name so why don't you give me one. This body's name is Daxel though I'll admit I don't like the name. As for enrolling as a student or enlisting to become a teacher, definitely no chance of that happening. It's just not the sort of thing I'm in to. I prefer other more entertaining activities. You do know how to have fun don't you?"

The woman, who attempted to make some advances on other people during your tour, showed signs of being rather upset every time Megumi pulled her tail but she just let it go each time. Occasionally pulling a face at Megumi, having a laugh and offering Megumi some pointers on seducing men whether or not Megumi wanted to listen she responds to Megumi's question, "Sarathaxia is probably the closest pronounciation but you can just call me Sara sweetie. So, is there a particular boy you're interested in? Maybe I can assist in the matters of love."

Megumi shook her head to answer Sara's question, not quite having any real romantic interest really. A few had confessed to her, and she had gone on dates, but everyone seemed stuck on a brother complex, or creeped out eventually by her barely social personality. On the aspect of names, though, she looked him over and thought a moment "Hidashi sounds proper.

The fun comment stumped her a bit. "I find school fun. I enjoy reading, listening to music. Sometimes I go for a walk."

Hidashi responds, "Hidashi. Hi-da-shi. Yes, it has quite a nice ring to it. I like that. Those things don't sound like fun at all. People make life fun, whether that be annoying them, interfering with them, hurting them, controlling them or whatever. Toying with them and seeing how they react makes it fun. I know, why don't we go out on a date and have some fun together?"

Sara chimes in innocently and playfully, "Oh yes. I completely agree and the last thing you'd need on a date is someone like me hanging around. So, why don't I just leave the two of you alone."

Megumi debates it a moment in her mind, first checking the time to see how much they'd have left in the first place. When the demoness speaks up, she chimes in with "I am keeping you from draining the essence of the students on this campus. There are a few ways I could protect the populace from your feeding, and this is the most peaceful one. Should you be a harm to others, I may need to act more harshly, regardless of how pleased they are by your acts."

Megumi was not blind to the fact that she was rather arousing, but facts are facts. If she goes off to eat souls, Megumi'd have to disperse her back to the other realm.

"As we have only met this night, a date may be too sudden. Perhaps after a time of getting to know one another?" finally deciding on the date issue.

Sara responds with a hint of annoyance in her voice, "Then what am I supposed to feed on? These young juicy students are so full of sweet delicious youthful energy that just tastes fantastic and causes a wonderful tingling sensation across my body. We're not so different becaus you feed off of people too. We're practically sisters and family should look out for each other. You do agree don't you my dear?"

Hidashi is just shaking his head at Megumi's comments, "Oh Megami, you have so much to learn. So full of life yet you don't appreciate it to its fullest potential. You need to be more impulsive and let yourself go. You shouldn't be thinking about whether something may seem too sudden."

Hidashi spins around on the spot as he speaks, "You just take life in to your hands and go with the flow of it all," as he stops spinning to stand facing you and reaches out to take your hand in his.

Megumi glances to the demoness and replies with a calm tone. "My imprinting causes no lasting harm to others. Can you truthfully say the same about your consumption?"

In regards for the lecture from Hidashi, her reply was relatively simple. "I do not feel any fondness or draw towards you as of this moment. My answer would be no, but as we have just met, I intend to be polite and encouraging."

Sara crosses her arms around her chest, gives a sigh and then leans towards Megumi, "Details details my dear. I enjoy the experience and they enjoy the experience. Maybe you need to start enjoying life's pleasures."
Sara smiles playfully, her eyes seems to scan every inch of your body, "I think it's time you discovered what it's like to become a woman my dear. You have all the right physical qualities that would make any man lust after you and desire you more than anything else."

Hidashi listens and then adds, "I'm not really feeling the encouraging vibe from you Megami. I'm definitely feeling Sara's vibes though."

Within moments of Hidashi speaking, a man approaches weilding a big sword and you recognise him as one of the new teachers to the school, Adil Krag though his sword seems to have doubled in size yet he carries it as if it didn't weigh muc at all. He bows towards you and speaks, "It is a fine night, wouldn't you agree? Now please tell me why students are running around at this time of night? Shouldn't you all be at the dorms?"

Megumi glances to the teacher as she gives a proper bow, ever the obedient student. "I am ensuring that my junior classmen are adapting safely to the nuances of night on this island. The first night is always chaotic, and I strive to be a classmate that my juniors may look up to. I will observe curfew, if it is to be enforced this night, but I ask that I might be able to stay up some time longer, please." Looking up to him with her cute and innocent eyes, likely unintentionally giving the classic puppydog eyes "I rested after lunch. May I please stay up longer?"


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