Private Chat - Umezawa

Private Chat - Umezawa

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Ok I decided that because of the major complications in trying to play a card game in an RPG, that It maybe better if instead I went with turning into different characters from the cards... so the night character will have meta morph with a range of choices to take. I attached the first so I can give you an Idea of what I'm up to and you can tell me If you think its alright. I have also put the description of each power in the spoiler below so everything makes sense

I gotta thank Naturlax (Even though he can't see this) for the sheet its his hard work...
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Just to clarify.

So, your character at night could turn in to any of a number of PL 12 creatures you're creating, of which the attached is a character sheet for one of those creatures you can choose from to transform in to?

basically yea. But I'm thinking of adding a flaw where I have no choice in which one I turn into, maybe off a dice roll or something... Is it to much?

You would have to convince me how it was a flaw because right now I'm not convinced. I wouldn't consider it a flaw that you can turn in to a PL 12 being because that's already stated in the game. The fact that you can't control what PL 12 form you take would be irrelevant because either way you would still become a PL 12 being.

I see nothing wrong with the concept though.

it's more a flaw for the main character in the fact that he cant chose which form he takes, In other words he randomly turns into a card...

I still can't see any justification for a flaw here.

If you feel I'm not understanding what you're doing then please explain it in greater detail so I can understand. Otherwise, as it stands right now based on what I've read, what you're doing is not worthy of a flaw in my opinion for the reason I stated above.

So, how is the progress going on the character?

Just thought I'd check progress now the new month is here.

Nathan Ryder

BioGender: Male
Age: 16
Race: Human
Height: 5'9”
Weight: 132lbs.
Hair: White
Eyes: Light Blue
Club: Chess
Nationaity:South African


Toshiro Umezawa

Gender: Male
Age: 216
Race: Planeswalker
Height: 6'1”
Weight: 220lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
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