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Im not 100% happy with the story line, but its something. My creative flow has been off of late, I chalk it up to writers block... honestly I havent writen a decent story in weeks...

Well, it doesn't have to be perfect. I'm aiming for something more light hearted around here anyway so you can always just go with the flow of things and adjust things as you play.

So, during the day you're Nathan and his personality and by night you swap places with an alternate version of yourself from an alternate reality?

I was aiming for sticking with the same personalities day and night but I suppose I can make an exception. Could you explain your vision of how this alternate reality swap works in your mind so I can clarify the details to get a better feeling for how it integrates in to my vision of what's going on?

I see two options for it sort of, the first would be interferance from a diety (Myojin of Nights Reach - Godess of the shadow realms) that does the trade off, taking Ryder from here and toshi from there and switching them. The other is a Dimentional warp (or something) that forms in the shadows obsorbing Ryder and spiting out Toshiro. I think option two would be beter. With Ryder being classified as a geek he would look forward to the the sun setting, because he is something else completely there

I actually haven't thought about it to deeply, but it is 90% fluff which can be altered, as I said the "force" just hasn't with me of late... which is really screwing with things considering Im studying programming in my spare time and I have spent the last month trying to write a piece of game script.

I did some programming once, got in to it, even went to university to do Computer Games Technology so learning about the Computer Games Industry and how to design and create games. I didn't quite have the same grasp on it as the top people on the course who had been programming since they first started walking (ok, maybe a slight exaggeration but you get the idea). Plus, I really struggled with Object oriented Programming, my head just couldn't program that way even though I understood the theory of it. I ended up dropping out of the course because I struggled in the group project and realised that in the work place I doubt i could cope with it all and ended up moving on to doing Accountancy, which i got my degree in.

Anyway, back on topic, I agree on the deity aspect because there aren't really Gods involved.

As for warping, ok, but I think it should be along the lines of wherever you are at the point the isalnd goes out of sync with the rest of the world, all the nearby lights simply cease, in effect, creating a sphere of pitch black darkness around you obscuring you completely from sight and then it simply just fades away rather than something forming in the shadows like you suggested. Would that be ok with you?

Just throw your character in wherever when you're ready to post and we'll go from there.

At some point can you post your character in the Character Information section.


I've just noticed. You attached your day time character sheet but not your night time character sheet.

the night sheet should be in one of the earlyer posts in this thread.

ok then.


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