Private Chat - Your Mother

Private Chat - Your Mother

This is where you can talk privately to us GMs about stuff.

So, I'm guessing that for the daylight character, I can't put on any powers, but advantages are okay?

You can have powers during the day, you have 90 Power Points to spend however you like. All I'm saying is that your concept / background have got to be within the scope of what is more in line with our real world during the day. Take our world, push the boundaries a little but don't break them.

In our real world magic doesn't exist but in this setting it can exist but it would either be low scale magic to avoid public scrutiny or you're perhaps part of a secret cult of mages or something like that. This way, you can have powers without breaking the boundaries. If you've seen anime then there are lots of shows that demonstrate relatively normal worlds like our own where the characters are still capable of doing things that a normal person in our world wouldn't be able to and that's the sort of thing I'm aiming for during the day.

Hopefully that makes sense.

Yes, it does. I think I'll stick to a relatively normal person during the day though - I want to put all of his powers into his Hero Form, as it fits the character better. He won't have access to it during the night. On that note, I have the mechanics worked out for his day self. Where do you want me to put them?

If you post it in the Applications section then it can be reviewed or if you want to discuss anything privately then there's posting to a private thread, by PM or just by marking certain elements of your post private.

The mechanics of his day form have been added to the application thread. His night form won't be long behind.

All right, night form's added.

I was expecting some personality, background, etc. type stuff there too. There's something for you to work on now.

I prefer doing the mechanics first, especially on a new game.


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