Private Chat - Your Mother

Characterisation's up; is there anything else Sam needs?

Coolies, you're providing some plots already....

If you were found on the island, it means you're from another dimension.

:O I was just thinking he would be human, but abandoned. I guess that works though. Want me to create a thread in Character Info for him?

Well you didn't specify that lol, so I interpreted it in my own way.

I think the "from another dimension" works though.

Sure, post up a thread and join the crowd.

By the way, Sam does Judo, and I was wondering if I should have a close combat skill for that (which would cover grappling, holding, tripping and throwing his opponents) or if I should keep it the way it is.

If you wat Close Combat skills then I see nothing wrong with that though the rules say that each Close Combat skill must be assigned for each type of attack you plan on using.

Therefore, yu would need Close Combat (Grappling), I'd incorporate holding in to grappling, then you'd need Close Combat (Throwing) and Close Combat (Tripping). This is how I interpret the description of the skill, so each type of attack would require a separate Close Combat Skill appropriate for that move.

I noticed that the new character, Mr. Fairchilde, has the activation descriptor for his regen, and it's saving him a point. Should I get that point too?

I will have to review that myself then. I'm still new to the rules and will have to go over the book to double check things when I get home.


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