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If you look at page 145 of the pdf, Activation is a flaw and depending on how long it takes to activate the power determines how many points you can regain by taking the flaw. You can regain 1 point (reduce the power cost by 1 point) by needing to use a move action to activate your power or a standard action to regain 2 points (reduce the power cost by 2 points)

Would that be flat, or flaw?

Not sure what you mean by flat.

If you look at the page, Activation is a flaw that you can assign to the power.

As in does it subtract points for every rank of the power? E.g. Regen, 6 ranks, -2 Activation descriptor, ttl points of flaw -12.

It says it's a standard flat total deduction, so no matter what rank you have, the overall power cost is either reduced by 1 or 2 points depending on how long it takes your power to activate.

I just had an interesting thought... Sam's regeneration power requires water as a source. But aren't humans 70% water? Theoretically, he could drain some of the water in his body to regenerate external damage, just leaving him suffering from dehydration. Obviously, the greater the wounds he tries to regenerate in this manner, the more detrimental the dehydration would become.

Sorry, just remembered this. It's an interesting question.......

I'd say it's possible but afterwards you would need to make a Stamina roll to resistt the effects. The more the healing the higher the difficulty you'll need to roll against. Failure means you heal but collapse from the effects of dehydration. My thoughts on the matter.

Makes sense. Wouldn't be something he'd want to do often.

So, do you want to write down the sort of email Sam would be sending to Megumi's family?


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