Private Chat - Your Mother

*sigh* I suppose I could write something up, but I'm not really good at convincing people about something medical. Couldn't I just roll Sam's Intellect or Persuasion?

I'd prefer it if you wrote something, even if it's not perfect. I just want to get the idea of what you're saying exactly and how detailed you want to make it is up to you, though some detail would obviously help with clarity and understanding on my part. I just want to properly understand the angle you're taking with this and would appreciate some sort of example. I'm not asking for a detailed medical report here.

You can also add Intellect & Persuasion rolls to represent the adjustments that Sam would make to what you've written to make it more medical in nature and how well you have made your case to persuade them.

Just checked your character sheet.

Roll Treatment to cover the medical aspect.
Roll Intellect to cover the aspect of reasoned argument.
Roll Persuasion to see how well you've come across in attempting to persuade them.

This is in addition to your example email.

Wow. Alright, but it'll take me a little while to write up something appropriate.

So, are you still working on that email?

Mmm, sorry man, kinda got caught up in my last week of school. Should have plenty of time now

But School has only just

Okay, as a player, I need to know whether everyone else can see the child, or if it's a projection in Sam's mind, so I can write something that would make sense to the other characters.

It's just Sam that can see it. OOC, it's an illusion that's targetted only at you. Someone is clearly trying to stir up some trouble here.

You act first then.


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