Welcome to Koutei Issui mura

Welcome to Koutei Issui mura

Homes heres have more then one floor. It does not look as though there are real store fronts here, however there are developed work areas. The forge is perhaps the most obvous, along with some grain silos. To either side of the village are rivers comming down from the mountians, and on one sits a water wheel. Looking up river it looks like there might be more of the same. Wood workers can be seen in more then one stall area working, along with a decently sized stables. There are obvously both pesants and what seem to be ronin working on their various tasks. Some of the ronin wear the same mon as Modan does, though not all.

"Welcome to my home,"

Modan offered as they entered.

"We have a inn, if it is a bit small. While we do see some travelers, they are not exactly plentiful. You are welcome to one of the common rooms"

The noon sun has really begun to burn off the fog, while the distant ground is still a bit obsucred by mist, you can see mountain tops in the distance. To one side (The east the Tsuruchi knows) you can see dark rainclouds.

"Thank you. Why don't we go check out that inn and then figure out how we're going to get out of here."

Kage starts heading toward the inn.

"Yes..." the hunter said with some trepidation; he was not keen, in the least, to see those who, if nothing else, were guilty of confusing the celestial order of things. Peasants, though they had there place, were one thing. Ronin were something else entirely. "Direct us there, then, and we can begin to plan our journey out of this place."

He stared to the east and frowned once more. Rain could make extracting himself from this place difficult. He wondered where his Scorpion associate had ended up. The Mantis was surprised he had not thought more of her; what must she think of this strange happening?

Modan pointed to a large three story building.

"The third floor is mostly residents, but the first floor has a common room, and the second floor has guest rooms. Let them know you are my guests and they will get you lunch for today"

He offered with a smile.

After only a small walk you find your way to a three story wooden building. Inside is a dining area, a bar. Off to a side is a stairwell leading upwards, and a set of doors leading somewhere off to the side. You see a door on the otherside exiting out into a stables in the back.

Kage heads into the inn and introduces himself and the Mantis. "We're guests of Modan-san. Where would can we put our things?" Kage scans the room with his eyes while waiting for a reply.

Dice Roll: 4d10e^2
d10 Results: 4, 5 (Total = 9)

"Common room over there is empty. You are welcome to it"

THe bar keep pointed to one of the doors on this floor.

"Food? Drink?"

A few of the other patrons look to you as you come in, curious...

"Not like you folks, nope. Mostly travelers from around the valley. I am sure you have heard by now its not really easy to get in and out of the valley and its suroundings eh Crab-sama?"

He offered while polishing a glass


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