Welcome to Oowarai Kawazoi Mura

Welcome to Oowarai Kawazoi Mura

You head up the steep cliff paths that cuts back and forth across the cliff face slowly working your way up. Hours later you approch the top. A bushi looks down at you from a station near the top. It looks like a look outs post or a guard position. She caries a ono at her side and a bow leans against one of the walls. Neither she nor the post she stands actualy blocks your way this seems intentional in their construction. She raises her head in a nod, acknowleging that she has seen you, then puts part of her attention to watching the both the vale and the path once more.

In order to continue you will have to get closer to her. (your some fifty meters out as you came around the last corner.)

The Sentry hardly bothered the likes of Shosuro Rin as she was here now and her duty was a just one unlike the many that might be assigned to any Scorpion samurai. She was not so rude, however, as to not acknowledge the woman even as a wrist rested lightly against the handle of her katana whilst the no-daichi that rested across her back was set just so as to ease into a quick draw.

"Good day." the lovely magistrate greeted as she paused in her stride to bow to the watch woman and allow her the time to react if she was so inclined. That amused little smile was once more upon pale but full lips even as the hidden eyes of the Shosuro woman took in all their surroundings and considered every advantage that might be claimed if action became necessary.

"Greetings Scorpion-san, and... err your companion to. I see your carrying weapons, that shows you not to be any of the Kawauso. No fighting or drawing steel in town, if you have an issue find a enforcer. If you do get into a fight, as a visitor it will be assumed to be your fault. We try to keep all violence here in check, theres enough fighting with bandits. Though there is the occasional fist to cuff"

She offered with a plesent smile. She is plesant in her words, but it sounds more like she is reading from a script.

"Coin is accepted as a standard value, if you bring goods and services to the table insted, those are worth what ever both sides agree on."

"Well that is certainly a fine thing to know. Who is in charge among these enforcers as presently I've business with him or her." was the pointed reply as she regarded with an equally pleasant expression despite the direct mannerisms she had chosen to adopt. There was little doubt that the direct approach would be refreshing if mildly concerning to any aware of the natures of her clan and its duties. The lasting opinions of this village meant only so much to her as long as they were willing to cooperate or at least not interfere. Which remained the primary reason why she sought their blessing rather than simply go barging about.

"Hanji, runs security of the village and surounding area. Gotzu acts as our Mayor of a sort I do not know who you would prefer to speak to regarding your interests."

She points out a tent when speaking of Hanji and a two story building for Gotzu.

Chitter follows after Shosuro and pauses when she does, standing a few feet away from the two bushi, and bowing likewise. He looks back and forth between the two of them as they converse but offers nothing. He had no intention of starting a fight, but he wasn't sure he liked the sound of 'enforcers'. He hoped that it was just the local term for magistrates or their assistants.

"In all likelihood I will be speaking with both, thank you." Rin replied with a careful bow before continuing near silently along on her way and business. A brief glance to Chitter the only deviations in her attentions. There was more than one worrying aspect to all of this when one earned the title enforcer. She wondered how orderly and peace loving the village might truly be.

[[Meandering into the village for a time to get a feel for it before deviating towards the governor's building.]]

Perhaps the biggest stand out to the entire settlement is in its center, directly between the two buildings that had been pointed out earlier. There is a masive tent structure, which seems to be a mostly open air bar. Many individuals and small groups sit around tables or at the assortment of food stalls that ring it. Across a street like circle are vendors of goods. AS you walk around it and look about, it seems like the side of the village that faces the cliff side are the homes, blending into the market center of it all, and then out to crafting areas. The man hinted to be in political control was in residence in the, well, residential area of town, while the chief Enforcer was apparently in a building on the craftery side of town.

~any thing in perticular you are looking to unerstand about the village? if you looking into the location, feel free to give me a list of a few locations, if you want to ask questions of the inhabitants thats fine to!~


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