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Chitter makes a point of circling through the vendors and food stalls, not for any deep or even particularly useful purpose, but he finds it very hard to resist the chance to look at all of the shiny objects and savor the smells. Otherwise, he is content to continue with the magistrate—he is hard-pressed to believe that all of the deference given to the samurai-ko would be extended to him as well were he traveling alone.

The masked woman's head seemed to shift little as they walked through the market. Still, it was enough to give away her attentiveness when her head did move and the many eyes of her mask locked onto one thing or another among the sights and sounds of the isolated village. By the same token the Nezumi could easily draw the conclusion that he wasn't exactly beneath her attention either.

She paused then to glance over the wares of a stall with curious thought to the products. Such attentions were no doubt likely to draw some of their own as she considered the details of tithes and missed tax payments to the Empire as a whole once more. Fortunately, such was not her duty as she glanced up briefly and continued on her way. Her ears now tuned for snippets of conversation beyond the hawking of wares.

Dice Roll: 4d10e^2z
d10 Results: 8, 8 (Total = 16)
Investigation (16)

The vendors that Rin moved near offered her options of many things to buy, but did not offer the 'Hard Sell' of things that they seemed to really work at for others. It seems like most people here know the others around here by name, or at least a large number of people by name. It is just as often that you see goods or promises of service being traded as coin.

"It seems here you've a talent with children, Chitter-san. They're rather taken with you for the mystery you represent." the comely woman stated as she paused briefly to look over another stall in consideration of the supplies there. She would need to plan properly once she found out if Tsuruchi-san was in the area or not. Her attentive ears still continued to scan what snippets of conversation she might even as she continued on towards the 'Governor's residence. The talk and admiration of the women for her rich dress continued to fuel the faintly amused expression that adorned the visible lower half of her face.

"Eh? What children are you speaking of Shosuro-san?" Chitter asks as he pauses and
Investigation / Perception (untrained, bad eyesight):
Dice Roll:
d10 Results: 7
looks around, searching for the young ones. Couldn't tell an age by scent alone, even if there wasn't so much food around. He is saddened, although no longer surprised, that he did not even notice such attention and the sparkle fades from his eye as he lets his attention wander from the trinkets.

"A small group of them to our left. Three girls, Two boys." the Scorpion woman replied with what seemed an almost kindly smile as she glanced towards them before carrying on her own way. Her stride pausing when she noted her nezumi compatriot might have spied something of interest to himself. Comparatively, the odd mixture of intimidation and kindness she seemed capable of expressing was one that made her harder yet to read as an individual. Was she truly the stereotype of the scorpion with poisoned smiles and words or was she something else? The mask seemed increasingly fitting as she paused briefly to address one of the more knowledgeable seeming locals.

"Excuse me, I must admit to some curiosity of the traffic passing through the village as I've misplaced a pair of my companions in my... impromptu arrival among your village." she soon describes both Tsuruchi-san and the Ronin she wished to bring to justice with careful, almost clinical, detail. A manner of speaking that hinted at years of practice and training to recall such information.

"No Samurai-sama."
One of the vendors that you had noticed watching all the others.

"You are the only Samuai of the Clans I have seen in a while. If they came here with you, then they will show up hear eventualy. Nearly every one does. "

Chitter zeroes in on the clump of children pointed out by the magistrate and gives them a small bow. He could stand being an object of interest, so long as that's all it was.

When Shosuro provides her description to the villager, he does make an effort to memorize the description of the Tsuruchi. He had never met a Wasp and was curious about him, and more curious about his relationship with the Scorpion. Is he another fugitive? Another magistrate? He refrains from speaking out loud, but finds it hard to conceal all of his curiosity and ends up staring at Rin, trying in vain to see if she reveals any more with her face than with her words about the other samurai.

There was laughter and pointing and whispering amongst the kids as the nezumi bowed towards them.

"Charming, might there be somewhere I can procure a map of the area and these particular spots? Understandably, I have been told there is some valid reason to feel concern for my compatriots despite the protections offered up by the village." the Shosuro woman replied after a moment's thought, each word coming like a step in a dance despite the simple messages being exchanged. It would be the first time an innocent question had brought about the downfall of someone at the hands of a scorpion agent though she was evidently shying away from the expression of such menace as might be reasonably commanded.


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