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"Gotzu-sama has one of the best maps of all the valley in his office. The pass into the mountains change so often, I dont think any one keeps those mapped. I am not sure where you would buy a map though. Perhaps Gotzu would allow some one to copy some of his map down for you?"

The man did put thought into it, but could not not seem to come up with a good answer.

"There are some... threats in and around the valley. Mikutoro, fancies himself an adventurer, claims to have not only visited a ghost town in the mountains but returned. He is overly fond of his drink, it is likely that he just had to much. None have gone out as far as he claims and returned."

His eyes spark up after a though.

"Oh, the maps! Kawauso Modan is said to have been sending out scouts and explorers to make maps of his own. Thats a bit of a journey to get to Koutei Issui mura"

Rin noted the details away with careful thoughts on each person mentioned to her. The drunkard was too unreliable in this matter to give up worthwhile information and not expect some bandit trap later on. Gotzu was already on her list of intended meetings and so there was no trouble in hoping to make such arrangements with him. Finally, there was this supposed journey to Koutei Issui Mura which sounded unpleasant with only her and a half blind Nezumi. She had no fear for her ability to defend her own person but even the strongest of samurai might find themselves dragged down beneath the weight of their foe and she was certainly no Hida accustomed to feats of frightful endurance and fortitude.

"Thank you, you've been most helpful." she said finally with a slight bow of respect before drawing out a coin and handing it to the man before being on her way. She wished she had more such resources upon her person but one worked with what they had and she doubted the village was used to any sum of income beyond simple bartering. With such musings in mind she altered her own course and made her way towards what amounted to the Governor's palace of this quaint little valley.

A man sits behind a desk just inside the building,

"Greetings, did you need to talk to me about something, or Gotzu-sama?"

Asked the man who seemed to be a functionary, it seems as though even small villages had people for red tape.

Chitter trails in, following a ways behind the magistrate not wanting to severely hamper her social engagement with the mayor...and savoring the lingering scents of food from the market. He thought Mikutoro's ghost town sounded like fun, and put it on his mental checklist of things to see.

"I would, indeed, like to speak with Gotzu-sama. If such could be arranged I would be most pleased." Rin said with a silken note to her tone as she glanced down through the many eyes of her mask at the functionary. Whether she was playing at an enticement or simply testing the waters of the village's government was a fine question but one easily answered for once as she lightly set a hand on the desk. "I am certain, after all, that the sooner my business is concluded the happier all will be in this fair little village."

Dice Roll: 5d10e^3z
d10 Results: 4, 4, 6 (Total = 14)
Courtier/Awa (14)

"Ahh... yes of course Scorpion-sama, Gotzu-sama always makes time for new visitors"

He nodded with haste. Then he reached over and pulled a small cord, from above a slight ringing of a bell could be heard.

"He will be right with you, I am"

His words are cut off as the sounds of someone coming down the stairs. Moments later a man in his mid twenties entered the room.

"Greetings Shosuro-san, and Nezuma-san... did I get that right?"

He seemed unsure, but confident. Then he made a gesture to the door he just came through and the stairs behind it.

"I am Gotzu, and welcome you to our town. Please join me in my office."

"I am Nezumi, but I suppose you don't see many of my kind around here. My name is Ch'tir'ik'tch. Thank you for your hospitality, Gotzu-san." Chitter tries to hide any more overt display of his irritation with the man. It would do no good to get the powers in charge upset the first day in town. He follows the invitation and enters the mayor's office, keeping a
Investigation / Perception (untrained, bad eyesight):
Dice Roll:
d10 Results: 2
sharp eye out for traps or an ambush; he had encountered more than one seemingly friendly farmer with less-than-honorable intentions.

Shosuro Rin drifted comfortably into the office, her hands hidden away in flowing sleeves but the slight clink of her armor and click of her hard boots reminding those around her that she was ready and aware for what trouble might arise. Her manners never suffered for these overt impressions, though, as she regarded their surroundings with a careful eye.

"I must thank you for the time you are taking to meet with me, Gotzu-san. I would imagine that some mention of my purposes and intents has reached you by this point, yes?" she asked with a gentle and smooth tone, that small but comely smile touching her lips as her head turned to regard the 'Governor'.

"No, I cant say it has. People are still trying to decide what information about you is worth I am sure. It usualy takes a few days before information truely begins to circle."
He offered both of you chairs across from a desk he took a seat behind. On the wall behind him was a large map. Without understanding the key, it was hard to pick out details, but it seems to be the valley. A ring of mountians surounds the entire place, an isle sits in the middle of a centeral lake. Apparently there are a few cliff faces that overlook the valley much like the one that this village is perched on.

"Then I've the element of surprise in this matter as I am here on magisterial business with a writ of arrest for one of the new arrivals. Additionally, one of my companions has become misplaced thus I find myself requiring maps for both the purposes of relocating my companion and ensuring that my prey does not gain too much lead upon me as I have slowed my operations out of courtesy to both yourself and those who call themselves enforcers." Shosuro Rin explained calmly and smoothly as she moved now with deliberate care in each of her steps and gestures. The faint clinks of her armor and the armored click of her boots now muffled or silent.

"I would hope that I might secure your blessing to act unhampered by any local agencies and could expect a measure of cooperation..." she said with a faint smile and a slight inflection of tone that did not overtly intone a threat but left fully open to the imagination the myriad things that could come about as a result of lacking cooperation.

Dice Roll: 6d10er1^3z
d10 Results: 5, 5, 8 (Total = 18)
Intimidation (18)
[[Not sure if this fellow would count as lower status than myself, if so I've an additional unkept die I can roll]]


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