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"Ah, well..."

He took a moment as the words of the Scorpion sinks in at some weight.

"While I can speak for many, I do not comand the enforcers. I do know their stance. Unless someone has broken our laws, then the comunity has no qualms with them. If you agress on them within the town, that would be concidered breaking the peace. However, outside of town... Well unless your attacking a citizen of our town, they dont care much what goes on. If the man your looking for is used to being on the run, and knows his hunters are as close as you are.... I bet he will not even ask into local customs. He might even go try and join up with one of the bandit groups, a few to the north of here go so far as to call themselves tribes.... very strange people indeed. I can ask around town to my contacts and see what people know of this man your looking for. "

A pause as he turned to look at the map behind him at a slight angle, not quite turning his back on the pair.

"It seems to be very common that people gravitate to one of four main locations, three of which are reasonably safe. The last, not so. That one is the fortified Shiro in the middle of the lake. The other three are, first here being either this village or the Kawauso camp below. The second is Kawauso Modans village to the North West of here. The last, there is a settlement, they call themselves the Tribe of Yesterday. I am told that they follow the teaching of a Nezuma... err Nezumi shaman. They would probably respond quite favorably to your companion. Those would be the other two places I would sugest checking if you would have companions near by. However, both those places would take you further from the paths that your quary is likely to take."

He pointed out the locations on the map as he spoke

Chitter edges ever so slightly in his chair away from the magistrate. If she was going to go around threatening the locals and endangering his so-far very comfortable reception, he wasn't sure he wanted to continue in her company for much longer. His ears do perk up at the mention of another Nezumi, but he was fairly certain he would not be welcomed by them, and his own kind had never held as much interest for him as humans did. The Shiro, on the other hand, was sounding more and more interesting all the time...

The resultant smile was warm and one might say shockingly sincere. The threat of further investigations into the village had apparently been well received as she moved and shifted her posture with artful care to emphasis the slight shifts in her stance towards the mayor that only further supported the smile. It also helped to emphasis just how lovely Rin was despite the mask and dark overtures of the Scorpion that hung around her. Certainly, she was venomous but like any of her clan she could also be quite generous and quite loyal to those who were such to her.

"He is quite aware of how close I am to him and is also planning to flee shortly, I'm sure. Your cooperation in the matter will be most appreciated. I have a description of the man here for you as well as a list of the crimes he is convicted of by both the Crane and the Scorpion. I can also provide a description of my companion though I doubt the Tsuruchi are a common sight here." she replied in a silken voice that made her pleasure politely evident to the man and quietly conveyed the message that there would be no consequences for assisting her. With delicate care she turned over a copy of one of the copies of the writ with a lethal seeming grace. "I am certain you will find all in order. My concern for my colleague, however, must be set somewhat aside in favor of duty though his assistance would prove invaluable.."

Dice Roll: 5d10e^3z
d10 Results: 10, 9, 7, 7 (Total = 33)
Courtier/Awa (33)

"Perhaps I can help you... I will ask that our traders offer him only the highest quality items " Cough " and there for their most expensive selection. I would ask though that when you have the time you perhaps contribute to our econmy as well?"

He said, asking for a return on perhaps what aid he could offer.

"If you do find him in town... give him a reason. Once he is passed the border guard, and quarl you have with him is none of our concern. I will make sure that the guards know that as well. I may not be able to order them, but I can surely see to some.... sugestions. They do like to be able to get rice to eat"
He offered with a return smile

Rin's smile remained as she considered the man with her dark hidden eyes. The weight of the gaze might well have been unpleasant even as her head tilted slightly. The math passing within her mind came and went like lightening though as she considered if he truly understood the ramifications of requesting such things when she had already offered a grossly disproportionate favor.

"Naturally, it would be improper not to encourage such economic stability." she replied simply deeming some of the risk acceptable. There was the possibility that such machinations would be for not but one had to be prepared for any eventuality. "I will be paying a visit to the leader of these enforcers as well but I can assure you that I will ensure that should I find him I will act with these arrangements in mind. I would not wish to disrupt the peace of your village, after all."

Dice Roll: 4d10e^3z
d10 Results: 9, 9, 7 (Total = 25)
Sincerity/Awa (25)

A nod from the man

"Is there anything else that I might do for you?"

"My own business is concluded. However, I am uncertain as to what business my Nezumi compatriot might have with you. Especially given how we are companions more by circumstance than design." Rin replied pleasantly, giving up what passed for the floor in this meeting to the rat man if he had any thoughts or concerns or desires.

Chitter shakes his head. "I have no wish to bother you further at this time. I appreciate your taking the time to explain the local situation to us." He had already made a note of the different locations on the map and was busy trying to correlate it to the terrain they had walked through earlier. He didn't honestly think that he would willingly return to see the mayor, given the alternatives of association with samurai, starting a new life alongside the peasantry, or tracking down the Tribe of Yesterday.

It looked like they had started in the south east side of the valley, and moved to the eastern side of it to get where they were now...
And then the duo left, to head to............~

~Chitter's still planning on following Rin around for at least the rest of the day, hoping that some more samurai will show up and/or something interesting will just happen. If he's in charge though, he'd like to go see the Shiro.~

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